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Tech Tip #1 ---------

Low-Cost, Low-Maintenance and No Power Consuming Solutions for Bin Level Indication
Cost-Effective Bin Level or "Plugged" Chute Indicator  
  Model G Level Switch
A diaphragm-style level switch is a reliable and cost-effective way to detect levels of powders and bulk solids in storage bins, silos and other vessels.
They are minimally intrusive units that make them ideal for vessels or chutes limited in size or internal clearance. In addition to level indication, the diaphragm switch can be used to detect plugged or backed-up conveyor chutes.

Benefits of the Binatrol® Model G/GX Series:
^ Low-profile, non-intrusive surface mounted sensor fits in
   tighter areas
^ Affordable, basic pressure sensing device provides durable,
   reliable and low-maintenance operation
^ Adjustable sensitivity allows for use with a variety of powders
   and bulk solids
^ Can be adjusted from outside the bin without removing the unit
   from the vessel
^ Over-pressure protection prevents damage to the unit due to
   a heavy load that could cause excessive pressure on switch 
^ Requires no input power...provides "green" operation
^ Selection of diaphragm materials: Neoprene®, Teflon® or   
   Stainless Steel
^ Optional Hazardous Location approvals for dust (Model GX) 
^ Optional ultra-sensitive switch for lightweight materials
Use With Abrasive Materials
The Hycar® (rubber nitrile) optional cover is designed to provide the Binatrol® Model G/GX series diaphragm bin level switch with additional durability for use with more abrasive dry materials like pulverized coal, corn / grains, sand, powders and more.

More Information on Model G Diaphragm-Style Switches:
View More Details on Plugged Chute Detection: 
Mercury-Free Tilt Level Switch Solution
TC-3 Tilt Switch 
TC-3 Tilt Switch

The model TC-3 tilt switch is a durable, easy-to-install and cost-effective way to provide high level detection of bulk solids.  Tilt switches are used to prevent overflow of solids from storage bins or to control material levels in open piles.  The tilt switch can also be used to prevent over loading or under loading of material on conveyor belts. 
TC-3 Tilt Switch Diagram
Illustration B
Typically, the unit is suspended above the material being detected.  Rising material makes contact with the switch enclosure actuator, causing it to tilt.  When the enclosure body is tilted by more than 17 degrees, a steel ball rolls off center causing an internal output switch to close, providing indication of high material level (see illustration B). The change in the internal switch status is user accessible for signaling alarms, lights, or interfacing with a PLC.
Other practical features of the TC-3 include no calibration, only a few moving parts for minimal maintenance, requires no input power and the unit is completely Mercury-Free.
Optional extension actuators are also available.

The model TC-3 tilt switch is constructed from cast aluminum and is suited for moderately sized materials having a density of 15-60 lb/ft3 (240-960 kg/m3) or particle sizes less than 2 inches (50 mm).  Common application materials include, but not limited to grain, feed, pet food, sand and plastic pellets.

For more information on Monitor's tilt switches please visit: 
Application Review ---------

Creating Material Fluidization
Booted Evasser Aeration Device
Bulk materials, especially powders, stored in vessels can settle (pack) and tend not to flow well through a process system. Monitor Technologies' Evasser is a bin aeration device used to maintain the flow of dry bulk powders and granular solids in storage vessels.  

Below is an example of an application: 
"I am unable to get cement powder to flow freely from my cement silo." - Manager of a Ready Mixed Batch Plant

Ready mixed concrete batch plants take the basic components needed to form concrete, i.e. sand, rock and cement powder, and batch them together for load-out into concrete trucks.
Unfortunately the nature of cement powder is that it packs when in a storage condition, which can make it very difficult to flow freely when needed. That inconsistent flow of cement powder threatened the quality of the concrete mix and the efficiency of the batch plant. Off spec concrete results in considerable waste and quite possibly expensive re-work.

Bin vibrators were considered but the vibration caused damage to peripheral equipment such as piping joints and process instrumentation. The installation of the Evasser from Monitor Technologies LLC proved to be the solution.
Strategic placement of several Evasser aeration devices, recommended by Monitor Technologies' application team, kept the cement powder fluidized and flowing when required. This prevented the cement from packing, eliminating the main cause of the problem. The Evasser bin aerator operates silently from air supplied by the process plant air source so wear / damage on the structure was not a factor. 

Why Choose the Evasser...
> Monitor's booted Evasser aerator is compact, durable and capable of aerating / fluidizing many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers and silos.
> It operates by constantly presenting air to the mass of the stored material...Typical effective radius of 12 inches (305mm) per Evasser device.   Evasser Diagragm
> Features no moving parts...very low maintenance.
> No loud noise or damaging vibrations caused by pneumatic or electric vibrators.
> No filters to change or clean.
> Unlike other types of aerators that use cotton or canvas to diffuse the air, the Evasser is less likely to be bound or clogged due to moisture and can be more effective as it directs air flow to "sweep" the bin wall.

> Not as prone to back-flow of material since the standard neoprene boot expands to let the pressurized air out and contracts when the air is shut off blocking the air outlets from material back-flow.    
> Black Neoprene boot or optional white FDA Neoprene boot (ideal for many food / dry ingredient processes and more). 
> Evasser unit can be provided in either cast iron or 316 stainless steel construction.
> Available with an optional convenient external mounting plate.
Resources for Evasser:
Word of the Month --------------------

Candor (can·dor)
sounds like:

> the quality of being honest and straightforward in attitude and speech


Noun -

After reading the biography, they admired the candor of the author.

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Upcoming Holiday --------------------

Memorial Day

Our Elburn, IL facility will be closed Monday, May 28th, 2018 in observance of Memorial Day.
(Normal business hours will resume Tuesday, May 29th at 8 am CDT.)  

Everyone at Monitor Technologies would
like to wish you and your family a happy and safe Memorial holiday.  

Tech Tip #2 --------     

Ensuring Product Quality with In-Line Moisture Measurement System

HumiCore Ultra System
In-line (also referred to as on-line) moisture monitoring systems are being used by manufacturers of all types of goods to verify that the product being packaged is at the proper moisture level to ensure the best quality of the finished products for their consumers.
Some of the main criteria that a company should consider when choosing an in-line system include: 
  • Ability to easily incorporate the sensor into their process and receive continuous, real-time measurements instead of having to take multiple laboratory samples.
  • Capability to measure the moisture to the product's core instead of just the surface to increase the consistency of the measurements.
  • Ability to receive fast and precise measurements with accuracy.
  • Durability of the sensor and the sensing surface to withstand a particular product's characteristics (ex. abrasive).
  • Capability to have the sensor output communicate with an existing control system to receive alarms and control the processes or the option of a local operator interface / controller.
About Monitor Technologies'
Humi Core TM In-Line Moisture Measurement System  
- Measures moisture inside the material core to ensure product quality
- Automates moisture control to minimize energy costs & maximize profits
- Continuous, in-line monitoring eliminates need for frequent laboratory samples
- High frequency field technology for fast, reliable measurements with typical accuracies of 0.1% to 0.3%
- Compact design for easy calibration and installation in conveyor belts, screw conveyors, drag conveyors, etc.
- Ideal for most powders / bulk solids
- Available with a local interface controller (ULTRA Series) or with a DIN-Rail transmitter that allows for easy integration into an existing control system (PRO Series)
More Information on HumiCore:
In-Line Moisture Measurement Application Examples
Moisture sensor mounted on a sled in  a silica sand conveyor application
Moisture measurement of wood chips
Moisture sensor mounted on a ship in a potato granules application
Moisture measurement of grain

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