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Practical Tip  -----------------
Added "Flexibility" Using TrueCap RF Capacitance Level Sensors
TrueCap RF Capacitancee
TrueCap® RF Capacitance Level Sensor W/ Cable Extension
The  TrueCap® RF capacitance probe is a point level sensor that uses the principles of capacitance to detect or measure the level of a powder, solid or a liquid / slurry. 
The wide product selection is a major reason why Monitor's TrueCap RF capacitance probe is a popular and versatile point level sensor for a large range of applications. Optional versions include high temperature, hazardous location, stub probe, food grade probe, quick-connect process connection, high level sensing with pipe or cable extensions and more.

RF Capacitance Sensor With Cable Extension... 

The  TrueCap® RF capacitance level sensor with cable extension provides a few advantages...
> Simple  RF Capacitance with Cable Extensioninstallation with cable dropping through mounting flanges. 
> RF capacitance cable extension probe will also provide
greater "flex" as compared to a solid probe for demanding applications involving dynamic material conditions.
> Using a cable extension probe on a TrueCap level indicator can extend the sensing point to as much as 50 feet (15m) beneath the mounting point. (Unit must be vertically [top] mounted.)
>  Ability to adjust Calibration / Sensitivity and Delay.

Stub Probe Sensor for Tight Spaces or to Limit Material Flow Force on Prob
TrueCap RF Capacitance with Stub Probe
TrueCap® with Stub Probe
The stub probe model (a shorter version of the standard probe) allows the TrueCap to be used in tighter spaces, used to limit mechanical forces placed on the probe from material flow or to keep the probe out of the main material stream. In addition, the TrueCap design provides automatic immunity to material build-up on the probe by its driven shield design. Options for the TrueCap stub probe model include a 3/4 inch / 1-1/4 inch combination process connection for replacement or new installations and a probe with white nylon insulator for food grade applications.

Outside View
Outside View of Unloading Pit and TrueCap® Level Sensor
Inside View
Inside View of Unloading Pit and TrueCap® Level Probe    

The photos above show a stub probe model of the TrueCap installed in the unloading pit of a grain handling elevator set-up. The TrueCap sends a signal based on the system design requirements that involves the unloading pit connected to a drag conveyor that feeds the bucket elevator to move the grain to a silo. In this situation, the TrueCap stub probe version was chosen because the shorter probe will help to limit the amount of mechanical force on the probe from the material (grain) flowing into the pit.
Benefits of TrueCap® RF Capacitance Level Sensors 
- Two models including the top of the line TrueCap® MK-2 and the cost-minded MK-2e
- Superior 0.5pF Sensitivity
No motors or moving parts to wear out
 Temperature Compensation

 Automatic Material Build-Up Immunity. The TrueCap MK-2 and MK-2e contain driven shield technology that allows the sensor to "ignore" material build-up on the probe. Build-up on a probe without this type of technology can cause false sensing.
 Push-Button (MK-2) or Potentiometer-Adjusted (MK-2e) Calibration Sensitivity and Delay
 Time Delay Function Helps to Eliminate Premature "Material-Present" Indication That Can Sometimes Occur During the Filling Process if Material Was to Intermittently Come in contact with the level probe.
 Maximized Reliability via Smart Sensing Algorithms Including "Self-Validating" Fail-Safe Protection (on MK-2 version)   
 Externally Viewable LED Sensor Status Indicator on Ordinary Loc. Unit 
 Hazardous Location Approvals Available 
 Optional Split Architecture Model

Upcoming Trade Shows --------------

International Cement Expo

38th International Cement Seminar & Expo
November 19 - 21, 2019
Cobb Galleria Centre 
Atlanta, GA USA 
Booth #: 328
Q & A on Flow Detection ---------

We sometimes have a problem with a resin feeding from the hopper into the extruder. Is there a sensor available to detect and alert the operators that this material is not being fed into the extruder?
Solids Flow Sensor
We do indeed offer several instruments to monitor the movement of solids within a bulk material handling system.  Provided below is a brief overview for these instruments.

The  Model SFD-2 is a sensor that utilizes microwave Doppler technology for the detection of a flow or no flow condition within a material transfer line. The condition is reported by means of a relay contact that can be used to alert operators, as well as, turn equipment on or off.

The  Model SFI  microwave-based sensor is a bit more sophisticated as it reports a flow or no flow condition by means of a shift in the analog output signal.  This output can be incorporated into a PCS or PLC type system.  Since there is a variable output, the SFI can sometimes be used to monitor for the scale of a flow condition within a transfer line, but its primary design function is as a flow or no flow detector.

For an application where it is necessary to know a quantitative mass flow amount the  QuantiMass system is available.  While more application sensitive than our standard flow monitoring instruments, most material handling systems can be outfitted with little to no modification to facilitate the QuantiMass system. The QuantiMass system can be supplied to provide an analog or ModBus output (to be incorporated into a PCS or PLC type system) or it can be supplied with a local read-out display. We do ask for a completed application questionnaire first to verify that this sensor would be a fit for your application.
Product Spotlight -----------------

Insertable Paddle Simplifies Installation of Bin Level Switch  
SafePoint with Insertable Paddle
SafePoint® Level Sensor with 
Insertable Paddle
Monitor Technologies offers a 2-vane collapsible paddle that is insertable from the outside of a bin or silo through a 1-1/4" NPT or 1-1/2" BSPT coupling. This stainless steel paddle assembly can be used with Monitor's 
SafePoint®  fail-safe and  Model KA / KAX   rotary paddle level switches. The "spring" action of the paddle also allows it to be removed from the same opening if needed. The 2-vane design and the 8.66" (220 mm) turning diameter allow the paddle to provide dependable level indication for average bulk density materials. This paddle can be used with level switches that are mounted vertically or horizontally.  
Choosing a paddle...   
Monitor Technologies offers a wide selection of interchangeable paddle assemblies for the  Model KA / KAX and  SafePoint® level sensors to meet the needs of a variety of materials / applications...

Click here  to view a guide that can assist with selecting the right paddle for your application. In addition you can contact Monitor's Application Engineers at  to discuss the best option for your needs. 
Word of the Month ------------------

amalgamate  (a-mal-ga-mate)
sounds like:

> to mix or merge so as to make a combination; blend; unite; combine
> to unite in or as if in a mixture of elements 
> to mix or alloy (a metal) with mercury

Verb -
The two companies that merged planned to amalgamate their inventories into one centrally located warehouse.

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