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Practical Tip  -----------------
The "Dynamic Duo" for Remote Inventory Management
SiloTrack Cloud

The combination of a RadarRight real-time continuous level sensor and SiloTrack Cloud inventory management web-based app make the "right" solution for dynamic and dusty conditions.

For example, a grain elevator company located in Illinois was looking for a continuous level measurement system that could keep up with the dynamic / demanding situation of their receiver bins during peak periods of frequent filling and emptying. The highly dusty conditions caused by the rapid movement of soybeans and grain also needed to be considered. In addition, the employees were very busy with multiple tasks which made it difficult for them to continuously watch over the receiver bin levels. 

After testing the RadarRight(TM) sensor with SiloTrack(TM) Cloud in one of their receiver bins for a period of time, it was determined that the results fully satisfied their needs. 
> The RadarRight non-contact radar sensor provided continuous level measurements (even when the bin was being filled or emptied).
> The non-stick surface of the dust shield option on the RadarRight sensor prevented dust build-up ensuring a reliable measurement. 
>  The SiloTrack Cloud application allowed the employees to receive alerts and view the bin levels from their mobile phones which freed them up to work on other activities.

What is SiloTrack Cloud?
SiloTrack Cloud remote inventory management system is a web-based application that allows users to monitor current vessel levels, receive notifications, access/create reports and more at any location, any time, using any device with an Internet connection. Users can manage one silo or multiple locations with various storage vessels. Users are able to securely view distance, level, volume, weight, percentage and ullages (empty space) for silos. It truly provides an intuitive, flexible and powerful interface for Monitor's continuous level sensors (RadarRight & SiloPatrol SMU) to optimize inventory management of stored materials.

For more details on SiloTrack(TM) Cloud, please visit:
To view all of Monitor Technologies' continuous level & inventory management offerings, please visit:
Did You Know ----------------------

Combustible Dust Incidents

According to the research from  DustEx Research, Ltd .: during 2018 there were 213 recorded fires and 65 recorded explosion incidents in industries handling combustible dust.

The "2018 Combustible Dust Incident Report" from DustEx Research, Ltd ( gives a summary of the materials, industries, causes, and loss from these incidents, as well as extensive data tables.
Click here to download the report or visit their Web site for additional valuable resources at:

Upcoming Holiday --------------

Easter Lily Image
Monitor Technologies' facility 
in Elburn, IL will be  closed
Friday, April 19th in observance of 
Good Friday and the Easter holiday.

We wish you all an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend.

Normal business hours will resume
Monday, April 22 @ 8 am CT.
Product Spotlight -----------------

DustTrend ES Dust Monitor

A "Trendy" Dust Monitor

The  DustTrend TM  ES, Monitor Technologies' latest dust monitoring / leaking filter detection system, has an easy auto set-up function that is activated by pressing a button to automatically configure parameters / alarms. The DustTrend ES dust emission trend monitor adds the ability to provide continuous trend measurements that allow plant operators to identify changes in dust emission levels and optimize the facility's filtration systems. It also provides 4-20mA analog output and/or Modbus(RS-485) output. The monitor delivers excellent repeatability that is not affected by variations in relative humidity, process temperature or pressure. It uses proven AC Triboelectric technology with advanced algorithms to filter out noise and provide the most accurate dust measurement. It is ideal for monitoring the level of dust emission in dust collection systems (exhaust ducts of bag-houses, cartridge collectors, cyclones, etc). The sensor can be used anywhere it is critical to safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency (energy-savings), employee welfare and the environment.

Also available is the  DustAlarm ® ES with easy auto set-up, which is an economical broken bag detector / filter leak monitor that provides an alternative to opacity detection.
DustConfig Software
Both monitors can be connected with the free  DustConfig TM  software to set custom alarm points, view live activity within the duct, or review data history for up to a 24-hour period.
DustTrend LED

Additional features for both units include two conduit openings, bi-color LED indication, die-cast aluminum housing and USB mini-B port for communication with DustConfig software.

Link to the dust monitor Web page:
Word of the Month ------------------

sounds like:

Adjective - 
> speaking or writing several languages : multilingual
> composed of elements from different languages
Noun -
> someone who can speak or use several different languages

Adjective -
With vacationers arriving from all over the world, the resort staff must adjust to serving a polyglot clientele.
Noun - 
The teacher is something of a polyglot because she speaks five languages.

To translate this word into a different language using Google translate please go to .

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