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Practical Tip  -----------------

Plug Chute Detection Diagram
Detecting a plug chute condition using level or solids flow sensors

Looking for a good way to be warned when a chute or line becomes clogged with material? A level sensor or solids flow monitor can be used to indicate a condition consistent with a flow stoppage within a chute, hopper or conveying line when properly applied. Listed below are some of the more common methods of determining a plugged chute condition.

A. Microwave Solids Flow Detector, like Model SFD-2 or SFI, can be employed to monitor the flow or no flow state of the process material. The SFD-2 provides relay outputs and convenient remote electronics. The SFI solids flow indicator provides a variable analog signal.

Benefits of Solids Flow Detectors:
> Non-contact detection.
> Non-intrusive monitoring of flow condition.
> Excellent sensitivity.
> No moving parts...very low maintenance.
> A logic function can be employed to definitively determine a flow anomaly.

B & C. Point Level Sensors, like the SafePoint® and Model KA/KAX Rotary Paddles or TrueCap® RF Capacitance Probe, can be specifically located to detect the presence of material that would be exposed to the monitor/sensor only during a plugged (backed-up) condition.  It is important that the level sensor be installed in such a position so as to ensure that the material clears away from the sensing element when the plug condition passes (For example: installing sensor in one leg of a "Y" pipe). See diagram.

Benefits of Point Level Sensors:
> Low cost detection of material backed up in the chute or line; condition indicative of a flow obstruction.
> Fail-safe option on many of the level sensor models.

D. Diaphragm-Style Switch, like the Model G / GX, is a surface mounted, minimally intrusive pressure switch that makes it ideal for chutes or vessels limited in size or internal clearance.

A diaphragm switch provides indication by detecting pressure applied by the backed-up bulk material to the sensing diaphragm. The unit should be installed to a chute, line or vessel wall so that the diaphragm is exposed to the material to be sensed during a backed-up or plugged condition. As material contacts the diaphragm, a force is exerted through the diaphragm to a pressure plate within the bin monitor. Physical deflection of the pressure plate activates an internal switch which is user accessible for signaling alarms, lights or PLC inputs. When material recedes from the diaphragm, a light duty spring returns the pressure plate and internal switch back to their original positions.

Benefits of Diaphragm-Style Switches:
> Low cost.
> Reliable, durable and low maintenance.
> Low profile, non-intrusive mounting...fits into area with limited space.
If you would like to check on a specific application, please contact Monitor's Technical Support Team at

To view more regarding plug chute detection, please visit: 
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Product Spotlight -----------------
Dust Alarm ® Detects Filter Leaks or Failures In Dust
Collection Systems 
DustAlarm® Dust Monitor
- Exceptional and reliable sensitivity  
- Economical sensing alternative to
  opacity detection  
- Relay output with sensitivity adjustment,
  signal smoothing and time delay
- Quick-disconnect connector 
Monitor Technologies' DustAlarm® particle emission detector or "broken bag" detector is designed to detect filter failures and leaking filters in the exhaust ducts of bag houses, cartridge collectors, cyclones and other dust collection systems containing filters which may break or wear out with time.

The DustAlarm® uses time-proven triboelectric technology to continuously monitor the level of dust emission in dust collection system exhausts. When an increase in emission level exceeds the user adjusted setting, an alarm is triggered as indicated by the unit's output relay changing state.  The DustAlarm has a unique extended insulator to guard against material build-up problems, as well as, a unique quick-disconnect mounting coupling to provide quick and easy installation and maintenance when needed.

For more details on Monitor's DustAlarm® please visit or
Mass Flow Measurement
The Quanti Mass Ultra Controller is now available with an Integrator / Totalizer feature that provides a sum of the mass flow for a period of time.

Click Here
to view more information on the QuantiMass Mass Flow Measurement Systems 


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