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Tech Tip -----------------

Getting the Most Out of a SiloPatrol® Plumb Bob Style Level Measurement Sensor

The SiloPatrol® SMU is a durable weight and cable (plumb bob) style continuous level measurement sensor that is unaffected by application factors such as humidity, dust, spurious reflections, dielectric constant and conductivity. This alone makes the SiloPatrol versatile for a variety of applications. Now include the below options and you have a reliable, cost-effective level sensor that can work for most powder / bulk solids and some liquid applications.

Plumb Bob Selection...
SiloPatrol A variety of optional plumb bobs are available to make the SiloPatrol® effective for a wide range of general and specialized applications.
The standard aluminum plumb bob works well for a large variety of powders and bulk solids; However, there are some more particular applications that may require a different style of plumb bob in order to most effectively interact with a specific target material. For instance, there is the inverted plumb bob for level indication of lighter bulk solids (ex. expanded perlite) or fluidized powders. There is the solid / water interface-style plumb bob to provide level measurement for settled solids in a blanket of water. In addition, a stainless steel ball float style plumb bob is available for use with some liquids. A Teflon® version of the ball float is offered for sticky or corrosive materials.
Operator Interfaces & Inventory Management Systems...
SiloTrack Cloud In addition, the SiloPatrol automates inventory management by use of the SiloTrack(TM) CLOUD web application, PC software or operator interface devices like the HMI2.
Operator Interfaces  
SiloPatrol Fun Facts...
> This industry-leading level sensor has gone through 3 generations of innovative advancements
> Tens of thousands of SiloPatrol SMU installations worldwide over 30 years.

Would you like to check on a specific application? Please contact Monitor's Technical Support Team at

for more information on the SiloPatrol® SMU.
Product Spotlight -----------------

TrueCap RF Capacitance

Series of RF Capacitance
level sensors for powders and bulk solids,
as well as, many liquids & slurries

> Designed for 
Durability, Stability & Reliability
>  Fully electronic - No moving parts for longevity
> Offers ultimate hazardous location protection with intrinsically-safe probe
> Variety of probe variations & process connections to fit a wide range of applications, including cable extension and quick-connect versions  
Model MK-2
Maximized Reliability via Smart Sensing Algorithms Including "Self- Validating" Fail-Safe Protection
- Simple, Convenient Push-Button Calibration and Test
- Driven Shield Technology Overcomes Material Build-up
- Externally Viewable LED Sensor Status Indicator (Ordinary Loc. Unit)
- Superior 0.5pF Sensitivity
- Enhanced Temp. Compensation
- Universal Power Supply
Hazardous Location Approvals for Gases & Dust Available
- Split Architecture Design Model Available for High Temperatures or High Vibration
Model MK-2e 
- Reliable and Economical Design
- Potentiometer-Adjusted Calibration / Sensitivity and Delay
- Driven Shield Technology Overcomes Material Build-up
- Externally Viewable LED Sensor Status Indicator (Ordinary Loc. Unit)
- Superior 0.5pF Sensitivity
- Temperature Compensation
Hazardous Location Approvals for Gases & Dust Available
- Split Architecture Design Model Available for High Temperatures or High Vibration

Click Here for More MK-2e Details

Word of the Month ------------------

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Noun -
The crystal chandeliers added a refulgence to the ballroom.

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