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Practical Tip  -----------------
Protecting Against Silo Overfills

Overfill Image
Silo overfills can be very costly; However, there is a  simple solution to help avoid them. The use of a point level sensor as a high level indicator to detect the material before it reaches an overfill condition can be an affordable and quick way to prevent such situations. Point level indicators can also be combined with continuous level sensors for the ultimate level solution.

You need a reliable sensor to let you know wh en the silo is getting critically full while filling in order to prevent a messy, time-consuming and costly overfill condition. There are a variety of point level indicator types to choose from, including rotary paddlerf capacitance, vibratorydiaphragm-style and more. The SafePoint® fail-safe rotary paddle sensor is one such sensor that was designed with this application in mind.
SafePoint Truly Fail-Safe Level Sensor

Monitor Technologies' SafePoint® "truly" fail-safe level sensor with a self-validating design detects and indicates material presence or absence plus it continuously monitors its own ability to function. This functional analysis 
includes sensor health and system power failure, which makes the SafePoint truly "fail-safe". The unit provides a relay output signal condition if a sensor failure occurs or upon loss of input power. The SafePoint incorporates use of Hall-effect technology, dual outputs to indicate both material presence and unit health, and microcontroller technology to continuously protect powder / bulk solids processing and storage from the consequences of unexpected sensor failure. 

Other features of the SafePoint include rugged construction, twist On/Off cover for bolt free removal, motor shut-off when paddle becomes impeded to maximize motor life, and local status indicating light (except hazardous location models).
For more information on the SafePoint® level sensor, please visit:
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To view all of Monitor Technologies' point level offerings, please visit:
Company News -----------------

Good news! Monitor's latest full line 
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Did You Know ----------------------

Question: Can a Division 1 rated instrument be installed in a Division 2 hazardous area according to Division 2 installation (wiring) methods?  

Answer: Not necessarily.

It is common knowledge that a more stringent division rated device can be installed in a less stringent hazardous area classification as long as the instrument and area "Class" are the same. For example: a Class 2, Div. 1 instrument can be installed in a less stringent area classification such as Div. 2.  Can the Div. 1 instrument be installed according to Div. 2 installation methods since Div. 1 is more stringent anyway?  That depends and here's why... If an instrument is certified for Division 1-only, which of course allows it to be installed in a Division 2 area, it must be installed according to Division 1 methods; if the instrument is certified for both Division 1 and Division 2 explicitly, the instrument can be installed in a Division 2 area according to Division 2 installation methods.  In essence, the division rating of the instrument dictates the installation methods - not just the area classification.

If you want to install a Division 1 rated instrument in a Division 2 classified area, using the less stringent wiring methods of Division 2, you will have to verify that the instrument has been certified for Division 2 by the third party NRTL (approval agency) which requires additional applicable standards not applicable to Division 1 even though Division 1 is more stringent.

NOTE: It may be necessary to view the instrument approval certificate to ascertain the precise division rating because the nameplate on the device may only illustrate Div. 1 in the marking.

Jeff Cole
Engineering Manager

Upcoming Trade Show --------------

  GEAPS Exchange 2019
GEAPS Exchange Expo 2019
(Grain Elevator and Processing Society)
March 10 - 12, 2019
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
Booth #: 101 8

Please stop by our booth if you are attending the show!

Product Spotlight -----------------

Rectangular Air Pad (Left) and
Booted Evasser (Right) Aeration Devices

Aiding Material Flow

Bulk materials, especially powders, stored in vessels can settle (pack) and tend not to flow well through a process system. 
Monitor Technologies offers a selection of bin aeration devices used to maintain the flow of dry bulk powders and granular solids in storage vessels.

Monitor's booted Evasser aerator is compact, durable and capable of aerating / fluidizing many types of bulk powders and granular solids in bins, hoppers and silos. It operates by constantly presenting air to the mass of the stored material. The Evasser features no moving parts, no filters to change, no loud noise or damaging vibrations and is not as prone to back-flow of material. The Evasser bin aerator is also available with a convenient external mounting plate.

Monitor's Rectangular Air Pad operates by continuously introducing air into the body of the dry powder to maintain fluid-like characteristics. Highlights of the Air Pad include rugged construction, low cost, minimal maintenance, easy to install and adapts to almost any bin configuration.
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