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Tech Tip  -----------------
Reliable & Flexible Solution for Level Measurement and Inventory Management
Monitor Technologies' SiloPatrol® plumb bob style continuous level sensor provides easy set-up and flexibility for integration with your process requirements. The versatile sensor works reliably with a large variety of materials, includes wireless Bluetooth for simple, intuitive set-up without removing the sensor cover and offers Modbus(TM) connectivity to communicate with Modbus-compatible control systems.

Inside the SiloPatrol...
The SiloPatrol plumb bob unit combines Hall Effect sensor technology, sealed bi-directional optical sensing, a split-compartment enclosure, isolated outputs and other features to produce a reliable level measuring system designed for the harshest conditions.

How SiloPatrol® Works...  
The SiloPatrol® SMU (silo monitoring unit) lowers a weight & cable into the silo until it contacts the material surface. Upon contact the weight & cable system is immediately retracted and the measurement is fed to the plant control system or operator interface.
Inventory Management System...
In addition, the SiloPatrol automates inventory management by use of the  SiloTrack(TM) CLOUD  web application, PC software or a variety of operator interface devices like the HMI2.
Inventory Management


Features and Advantages...  
> Weight and cable-based "Smart" level sensor Is unaffected by material composition 
Measuring range up to 150 feet (46m) for powder bulk solids material levels in vessels.  (Works for some liquid & slurry applications with optional ball float plumb bob)
>  Industry-best measurement resolution of 1/100' (0.12"; 3mm)
>  Virtually maintenance-free
>  Additional application versatility through selection of plumb bobs
> Hall Effect sensor technology
> Split-compartment enclosure protects electronics and measurement optics from harsh material conditions 
> Wireless Bluetooth® set-up including a widened array of programmable features such as cable cycle distance limit, auto timer and relay output for high or low distance threshold setting, error indication or cycle operate.
> Modbus capability
> Hazardous location options
>  Enhanced inventory management capabilities with the use of SiloTrack(TM) CLOUD & PC

For more product details, please visit:

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International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE)
January 28 - 30, 2020
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GEAPS Exchange Expo 2020
March 22 - 24, 2020
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International Powder & Bulk Solids Expo (iPBS)
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Q & A on Technical Support -------

Who do I turn to when I need assistance to determine what Monitor Technologies product would work best in my application or when I need troubleshooting help with my equipment?

Contact Monitor Technologies' Technical Support team either by phone or email.  

Our four-member team has over 45 combined years of experience at Monitor and can provide a wide range of support during our regular business hours.

They can discuss your needs, review your application questionnaire and offer recommendations for products that best fit your situation. They can troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing with instrumentation and often can provide helpful resources.  In addition, our team may be available to provide service and support on-site if requested.

Feel free to reach out and contact them. They stand ready to provide assistance.

Monitor Technologies Technical Support Team
Tel.: 1-630-365-9403

Upcoming Holidays --------------
Happy Holidays

Everyone at Monitor Technologies wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.

Monitor will be closed for the following holidays:

Christmas - Dec. 24 (Tues.) & 25 (Wed.), 2019
New Year - Dec. 31 (Tues.), 2019 & Jan. 1 (Wed.), 2020
Product Spotlight -----------------

In-Line Mass Flow Measurement System
QuantiMass Sensor
The Quanti Mass ™ in-line mass flow measurement sensor is designed with the latest microwave technology and is used to continuously quantify the flow of powders & solids in pneumatic conveying and free-falling pipelines.

Features and Advantages Include:
^ Measure flow of quantities in pneumatic conveying & free-falling processes
^ Latest Microwave Doppler technology to provide accurate & reproducible measurements...typically 1 to 3%.
^ Non-intrusive, in-line / on-line sensor to continuously measure material without the use of weight scales
^ Measure material flow rates to verify blending mixture rations (regulate dosage)
^ Sturdy, compact design for easy installation into existing processes
^ with most powders, dusts, pellets and granulars up to 0.75 inch (2cm)
^ Available with a controller for local operator interface and data logging (ULTRA version) or with output through a DIN-Rail transmitter to provide communication with an existing control system (PRO version)

In-Line Mass Flow Measurement Application Examples:   
Mass Flow Image 1
Mass flow sensor in a dry sand application 
Mass Flow Image 2
  Mass flow measurement for coal dust burner injection 
    Mass Flow Image 3 
Mass flow sensor in a plastic powder application 
Mass Flow Image 4
Mass flow sensor in a cement application 
Mass Flow Image 5
Mass flow measurement for tobacco
      Mass Flow Image 6
Mass flow measurement for 
feed pellets 

Click Here for more details on QuantiMass.

To confirm that the QuantiMass would be a fit for your application, please feel free to complete an application questionnaire and contact our Application Support Team at:

Download QuantiMass application questionnaire

Word of the Month ------------------

Extemporize  (ex·tem·po·rize)
sounds like:

to speak, sing, play on an instrument or compose music as one proceeds; improvise.
to do or manage something in a makeshift way.
Verb -
The acceptance speech that the actor gave at the awards ceremony was extemporized since he did not know beforehand that he would win.

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