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BVMS 9.0 and PTZ Presets
Since BVMS 9.0 does not read existing presets already configured in the camera,  you can use Configuration Client to configure BVMS presets and save views. From Configuration Client, select the Cameras and Recording menu and the All menu. Select a PTZ in the cameras list and then select the PTZ Settings icon in the tool bar.

When the PTZ Settings menu opens, the Predefined Positions menu allows you to create and save presets and preset placeholders.   
To create a preset, move the camera to the desired location:
  • Name the preset
  • Select the Save preset tab
  • Select OK, save and activate the changes
To create placeholders that will be available in Operator Client, add names to the number of presets you want available. Select OK, then save and activate the changes.  
Operator Client 
In Operator Client, predefined presets can be selected using the preset drop-down menu below the logical tree. From the drop-down menu, select the desired preset, and the camera will move to the position.
Saving Presets 
Presets can be saved in one of two ways. The first method is using the PTZ menu. After moving the camera to the desired position, a predefined placeholder can be selected in the Prepositions drop-down menu.  
Once the desired placeholder is highlighted, select Save.  
Presets can also be saved by right clicking the active video cameo and selecting the Save preposition menu option. 

From the Set Preposition pop-up menu, select the desired placeholder.

After you have selected the desired placeholder, select OK.   
Tip: Upgrading to BVMS 9.0   
If upgrading to BVMS 9.0 from an earlier version, all preset information is automatically carried over during the upgrade process.
Featured Technical Brief

Our BVMS 9.0 and PTZ Presets Technical Brief provides this step-by-step tutorial in a PDF format. 

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