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Creating a Root Certificate
Bosch Configuration Manager features a built in Micro Certificate Authority that allows you to create Root Certificates, as well as sign Certificate-Signing Requests from system devices. The following guide provides instructions for creating a Root Certificate based on the use of Bosch Configuration Manager 6.01, Bosch video devices with firmware 6.51, and a PC with Windows 10 with administrative privileges.   
Open Bosch Configuration Manager and navigate to the Preferences tab, Applications, Configuration Manager, and select the Security tab.

Select the Create tab. 

The Create CA menu should appear. Select the following:
  • Store type: System Certificate Store
  • RSA 2048
  • Common name must be a minimum of five characters in length
  • All site information should be unique
  • Select Create
After the certificate is created, select the Trusted check box in the certificate menu, then select the Yes option in the Security Warning pop-up menu. This will add the certificate to the local machine's Current User Certificate Store. If multiple users will access the local machine, you may want to add the root certificate to the Local Computer Certificate Store.   
Next, open the Microsoft Management Console and:
  • Navigate to Certificates (Local Computer), Trusted Certificate Authorities, and Certificates
  • Right click Certificates and select All Tasks and Import.
This will open the Certificate Import Wizard. Navigate to the location of the root certificate you just created.  
Once located, select Next, and ensure that the certificate will be placed in the Trusted Root Certificate Authorities store. Select Next and then select Finished. You should receive an import successful message. Select OK. You should now see the newly imported certificate in the certificate list.   
Tip: Microsoft Management Console 
For specific configurations, validation, and troubleshooting, you should know how to create a Microsoft Management Console snap-in with access to the local machine's certificate store. Click here to learn how. 
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