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Detecting Missing Objects with Camera Trainer
Camera Trainer uses machine learning to allow you to define objects of interest and generate detectors for them. With Camera Trainer, you can not only alarm when an object is detected, but also when a trained object is not visible anymore -- whether it has been moved away, is obstructed, or the camera itself has been repositioned due to tampering.  
This capability can be used, for example, in commercial and industrial warehouses, where the status of loading bays has a direct impact on how efficiently goods and materials are handled. By training the camera to recognize a physical mark on the ground, Camera Trainer can be used to detect when there is no truck in the loading bay. The next truck can then be sent to the bay for unloading, increasing efficiency and saving on costs.

To alarm on missing objects:
  • Choose the Occupancy Task option in Camera Trainer
  • Set a small area around the target position
  • Set the intersection trigger to Object center
Next, select "Alarm on missing objects" with critical value 0, if the alarm should only be sent when no object is visible there.  

Determine how much time should pass until the alarm is sent.  
A minimum time of five seconds is recommended. This will alarm on missing objects only if they are not there for more than the selected Debounce time.  

Next, in the Filter by Object Class task configuration, select "Camera Trainer object classes".

Then, use the "Restrict to" drop-down menu to choose the appropriate detector.  

While the information above focuses on detecting missing objects, Camera Trainer can be used for much more. Other applications include:    

  • Occupancy of parking spaces
  • Vehicle counting
  • People counting (without false counts from shopping carts or baggage)
  • Detecting people on train tracks
  • Box pile up in production lines
  • Icicle detection
  • Camera tamper detection via markers
  • Object states, including open, closed, or other position 
Tip: Learn how to set up Camera Trainer 

Camera Trainer is available on all Intelligent Video Analytics cameras with firmware version 7.10 or higher. There is a no-charge activation with license needed and setup must be done with Configuration Manager 6.20 or higher. There is no additional integration effort needed and it's fully supported by ONVIF.
Participate in an online training via the Bosch Security Academy and get to know how this technology works in more detail. How-to videos are also available on YouTube.
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This new technical note provides more detailed information on Camera Trainer and the necessary steps for configuring and training a detector.

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