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Relay Trigger via Video Analytic Event and Alarm Task Scripting
To configure relay triggers for integration into third-party devices and systems with limited or no video SDK integration to Bosch video devices, the following sample script should be applied to the device's Alarm Task Editor.
OperationMode modeRel1:={Idle(closed)};
OperationMode monostable := { High(50) };
if( !Motion(1) ) then TempState(1) := monostable;
if (TempState(1)) then Relay(1):=true;
If utilizing Aggregation Time, as described in the next section, then only the following script needs to be added into the Alarm Task Editor:
The Alarm Task Editor can be accessed from the device's Web Browser and Configuration page.  
From the left side of the Configuration Page, select the Alarm menu and the Alarm Task Editor sub menu.
Once selected, you should see the Alarm Task Editor menu page. Copy and paste the supplied script into the script portion of the menu.  
After the script has been pasted into the editor, select the Set tab. This will produce a message that states "Script successfully parsed." as shown here. Select the OK tab.
Video analytic configuration
The supplied script will be active when any Motion+ or Intelligent Video Analytics event is active. If there is a desired time that the relay needs to stay activated, the key setting that must be configured is Aggregation time. From Bosch Configuration Manager, select the device's VCA menu and Main Operation sub menu.  

Aggregation time combats continual nuisance events from a video device. Once a motion is detected and the alarm status is on:
  • The device will stay in alarm status until all motion has stopped
  • The device will not change alarm status until after the motion has stopped and the aggregation time has expired
If it is desired that the the relay stay active for 3 seconds after a video analytic event, this setting should be set to (3) seconds.
Tip: Validating Relay Configuration
To validate the relay configuration, the relay state can be observed from the device's Live page, Digital I/O menu.
Featured Technical Brief

Our Relay Trigger via IVA Event and ATSL Technical Brief provides this step-by-step tutorial in a PDF format. 

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