Volume 12 I April 2020
We are here for you!
We understand that the world has become a different place over the last month and that we are all suddenly taking on new roles and learning new ways of teaching and supporting students - and each other. We are here to support you and your student’s or children’s needs. While you are busy being a homeschooler, online teacher, or both, we can help create the materials that you need most. Just email  beckyj@techaccess-ri.org  and let us know if there is a topic for which you can’t find resources. We are all learning together what new resources are needed.

We hope this newsletter will provide you with some resources you can use and share!

TechACCESS Remote Services
TechACCESS personnel are working remotely and available to provide remote services for students where it is clinically appropriate.  Please contact our Clinical Manager, Jen Martinous @ jenm@techaccess-ri.org for more information.

Explaining Coronavirus
We are now all struggling to explain something challenging to individuals at many different levels. Here are some resources that can help you to explain what's happening with Caronavirus:

Do you know a student who is struggling with the idea that they can’t go to school? We’ve created an accessible video to help students remember that they will now be learning from home. Watch it here:  I Will Learn at Home Now .

Chrome Resources
With many school districts using Google Chrome as their platform and shifting to remote learning, here are some resources and links that may help support your students and teaching:

Remaining Calm & Mindful/
Sensory Activities
It is important to remember that everyone is coping with the current situation differently. Students (and adults) who rely on routine and predictability may need additional supports to manage their anxiety and sensory regulation.

Here are some apps and supports that may help with being calm and mindful:

Here are some sensory activity ideas:

Non-Digital Activities
Our kids need time away from their screens as well. Here are some "offline" activities you can do with your kids:

Supporting Seniors
During these times, it is important to stay connected with older family members and friends. There are technology resources available for seniors:

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