Volume 33| June 2022
Parent and child with aac device playing with toy cars
As schools close and summer begins, we begin to look for fun, meaningful, and accessible activities to engage in. Here are some options for summer fun (and learning)!

Before the school year ends, it's a good idea to:
  • Retrieve all of your child's AT (including sign-in and password information).
  • Back up any AAC devices.
  • Talk to your SLP about adding any vocabulary your child may need to access for summer activities.
  • Have a copy of your child's AT plan.
  • Think about your child's need for social stories or visual schedules to address the transition.

And remember to keep devices safe (away from pools, do not leave in hot cars)!

Mention of products is not an endorsement by TechACCESS.
TechACCESS would like to welcome Alanna Conley to our Team! Alanna is an SLP who will be providing AAC Services!

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