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Issue No. 004
June 2018


Our newsletters are back ! We've been growing so much that we set them aside for a time. We hope these newsletters provide an opportunity to not only update you on the exciting projects that TechArts is involved with, but bring tips, news, and useful information in our shared quest for excellence.  Thanks for being a part of it. Enjoy.



One thing that makes property more expensive is the investment of developing it with structures and functional spaces.

We serve clients that have all made the investments into creating gathering places. Whether auditoriums, theaters, gymnasiums, classrooms, churches and synagogues, they all have the common investment of being developed for gatherings. When you consider today's inflated cost of land, the extensive process of designing and constructing a building, along with the ever-growing permitting processes, this investment is a massive amount of time and money. For any organization to complete these tasks is a victory of humanity.
Saddleback Terrace Project-Lake Forest

Saddleback Church has a wide array of resources for AVL design and installation, but when it came to outfitting their new 500+ capacity rooftop Terrace venue in Lake Forest overlooking their entire campus, they came to TechArts for the audio, video and lighting design and installation.

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Novice/Expert Modes for Increased Facility Use Without Techs

The majority of events that take place in many gathering spaces only need a few mics, some background music and video playback. Since TechARTS is committed to efficiency, we have helped many clients get more use out of their resources by avoiding the costs of bringing in techs or taxing volunteers for these basic uses. We accomplish this by creating a "Novice/Expert" or "Mixer/Non-Mixer"mode of operation. 

Unless you have a full staff on hand ready to jump in at any moment, this may be the answer to getting the best out of your facilities.  Contact us about how to implement this in your venues.
Team Tribute

Christian Spurlock is transforming TechARTS through his contributions as Operations Manager.  Every moving part goes through Christian. He coordinates the ordering and timing of equipment, the scheduling of our personnel and works with our clients to make sure we are working within the window that works best them.  Whether you want a quick quote on some gear or want to schedule a room evaluation or tuning, he's got it handled. With Christian on our team, he is now on yours.


Read more about Christian's background and expertise on our site by clicking Here or Email Christian anytime with your needs.

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. We appreciate your time and hope to honor it with this content. Feel free to  email me  if you would like to provide feedback.

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Tech Arts Starter Solutions 

You can greatly improve your audio, video or lighting solutions through our on-site consultation-evaluation.  We meet with you and your team, follow up with a narrative review of our findings to get you on your team on a track to improvements, all for a small investment of $195. At this price, why not get the opinions of experts, then make your decisions. You can also call us anytime with questions at no charge. 

Just email or call us:
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Tom Danley's "Shark Fin" 

We live in exciting times for speaker technologies. I'm seeing more innovations in the last two years than the last two decades.  All application-specific of course but new approaches nonetheless.
One of which worth talking about was born just weeks before last week's Infocomm convention. This product is an in-progress creation temporarily being referred to as the Shark Fin. Its odd shark-fin shape is WAY out of the box. Inside, it has two 8 inch low/mid drivers and one 1 inch high frequency driver.   Seems simple but its not. It has a remarkable pattern of approximately 120H x 60V coverage.

What makes this so innovative is... 

Smart Purchasing

We provide our customers with incredible deals on all types of audio, video, and lighting gear.  If you are part of the family, surf the net for pricing, then call us with your best price. Normally, we'll beat it !


TechARTS adds Video Testimonies 

Nothing speaks stronger to our integrity than the words of our clients. We've added several short 1 to 2 min videos that give you a snapshot of what you can expect when working with TechARTS.

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