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Issue No. 001
February 2015


We hope that these newsletters provide an opportunity to not only update you on the exciting projects that TechArts is involved with, but bring tips, news, and useful information in our shared quest for excellence.  Thanks for being a part of it.  Enjoy!



We are pleased to announce our second feature cover story in less than three months. Top magazine, SV&C takes our Cornerstone-Long Beach project to the public with an artfully presented story of our application-based, networked-integrated audio/video design, written by Cynthia Wisehart. Thank you for recognizing our quest for innovation with a foundation of purpose. Please take a second to see how networked A/V technology has revolutionized efficient use of gathering spaces....

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Technologies for Worship Cover Story

Being recognized by our peers is a great honor.  It also helps to validate our passion for excellence and for helping our clients make smart decisions when purchasing technology. One of our most successful projects made cover story of the Nov. Technologies for Worship Magazine.  This concrete and glass room is now one of our best-sounding rooms ever.  You'll also read about how we worked with the architects and client to empower this room with great gear, a great look, and a deeply expansive infrastructure....

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Smart Purchasing

We provide our customers with incredible deals on all types of audio, video, and lighting gear.  If you are part of the family, surf the net for pricing, then call us for a quote

Paying It Forward

Like so many of us in the tech world, we have discovered how rewarding it is to be the hero on the serving side of the equation. This means that, as we are blessed with the many experiences that come with decades of work in music, audio, video, lighting, and production, we are empowered with technical progress that makes us better servants to those who count on us to communicate a message or story. 


As we go deeper into the creative world of technical enhancements, we have more to give back.  How wonderful it is to share that with those we serve, as well as the many who are passionate about the art of technology.



Chuck Mitchell


In This Issue
Does Your Desert Island have 48v ?

I know we all love our 57 for 'bout everything when we're in a pinch with little to choose from.  BUT when it comes to getting incredible mileage and versatility out of a pair of compact, affordable microphones, my winner is a pair of DPA 4061's, currently available as a pair in kit form, model SMK-SC4061.

These mics are omni directional, which you would think presents issues. But in most cases, their micro size allows for them to have advantages where tight proximity is an option. Many times I show up at gigs with ....


NEW TechArts Website has Launched

We recently rebranded from Technology of the Arts to TechArts and launched our new site with a huge array of projects and info... Complete with photos and details about our solutions. 

A/V Solutions Special

From now through the month of Feb. you can improve your audio, video or lighting solutions through our on-site consultation-evaluation.  We meet with you and the team, follow up with a complete report of our findings and provide a phased, preliminary budget to get you on your team on a track to improvements, all for a small investment of $375. At this price, why not get the opinions of experts, then make your decisions.

Just email or call us:
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