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Issue No. 005
November, 2018


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Visual Patching

Wouldn't it be nice if you could touch a picture of equipment to make a connection? 

This is the solution that TechArts brought to San Diego State University's "Back Door" audio/video studio.
When the Associated Students at SDSU decided to create this audio/video studio, they chose TechArts to take on the AV systems design and integration. With our strong studio background and programming skills, we were able to create a large touchscreen-based visual patching design that simplified setup for both novice and expert levels without sacrificing functionality.

The Syva Storm

Column speaker designs are created for that perfect storm. When the right conditions are present, they provide a solid solution that promises to perform in some of the most challenging venues.

NOT To Buy A Speaker System

Have you ever been to a restaurant that you thought had good food and good service, but something about the environment made you not want to return? Maybe the reason wasn't so obvious initially but later upon trying a second time you found that it had an unpleasant smell that didn't mix well with your food. Perhaps it was some other issue that was annoying such as poor lighting or a blaring game that was painfully loud. In any case, consciously or unconsciously you decide against that place next time.
Every space has a comfort level. A venue with live music has more variables that can make it difficult to properly translate a pleasant sound into a room... 

Team Tribute

Jason Vandergrift is transforming TechARTS through his contributions as our  Programmer-Associate Designer.  He has been dedicated to TechArts for 10 years. Every detail of our designs go through his radar. He coordinates communication with manufacturers on technical issues, performs the majority of our system configurations and is a talented programmer. Whether you need our highest-level tech support or some feedback on a design, Jason is in the mix.
Read more about Jason's background and expertise on our site by clicking  Here or  Email Jason anytime with your needs.
In This Issue
Realtime Patch Presets

Those of you who are using Dante Controller to change patch layouts know the time it takes for the configuration and routing to load from a file.  This is hardly useful for situations where real-time patch presets are necessary. Such is the case with Dante-based comm and IEM systems, multiple band routing setups and even venue management for rehearsal modes. 

TechArts has been providing customers with custom programming of Dante-enabled audio processors for years. For quick setup solutions with easy operation from devices, computers or touch screens we make Dante patch setups instant.

Call us today if you're interested and we'll walk you through the options to customize your setup.
TechArts Solutions 

You can greatly improve your audio, video or lighting solutions through our on-site consultation-evaluation.  We meet with you and the team, follow up with our findings to get you on your team on a track to improvements. Why not get the opinions of experts, then make your decisions.

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