TechEDge eNews Update | 25 August 2016 |
Leading Technology In Education For California's Future
This is the first in a series of informational messages about Project Glue, a statewide IT project of the California Community Colleges Technology Center. Additional information will be posted as it is developed.

The goal of Project Glue (CCC Glue) is to create a common, secure, easily deployable method of accessing and updating data across collaborative applications such as ERP/SIS and Learning Management, among others ... Read More 

Electronic transcripts will take on global significance at this fall's EDiNTEROP 2016, where two groups focused on student-data exchange in North America and Europe will explore cooperation toward a cross-continental standard.

With the focus on "Enabling the Portability of Student Data Across the Education Domain," EdExchange, an emerging North American data standard championed by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Technology Center, will convene with the European data exchange initiative Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) ...
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This article is the first in a new CCC TechEDge News opinion column by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Information Security Center that will explore issues related to IT security.

I have been asked many times, "What are reasonable security controls?" This is a hard question to answer, as what I consider to be reasonable isn't what others would. As an information security officer, I tend to be very risk-averse ...
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Including checks for accessibility into information technology (IT) purchases is not intended to create difficulties or obstruct the procurement process. In fact, you can have a positive impact on accessibility when interacting with vendors even if you are not an expert ...  Read More
Fall terms are starting and we are running at full speed in the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI). There are many projects underway within the initiative and this post will be a true update of what's happening as of Aug. 22.

We are finding that the colleges we are working with are interested in collaborating to create effective systems and to design amazing online learning opportunities for the students of our state ... Read More 
As a new school year gets underway, colleges across the state have begun implementing CCC MyPath, the student services portal being developed by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI).

With institutions beginning to incorporate CCC MyPath, the EPI continues to ensure the new technology is student-focused and capable of assisting students in achieving their goals ...
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As you're easing back into the fall routine, @ONE would like to remind California Community Colleges staff and faculty of some professional development opportunities that are available ... Read More
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