Message from Roger London
Remembering 9/11 Eleven Years Later
For those of you who choose to read through this message I urge you to join me and never forget 9/11, not just the terror that struck at our country's core that day 13 years ago, but the ever present threat that terrorism poses. I spent the morning of September 11 in front of the World Trade Center in Baltimore where a memorial sits on the pavilion.

Using the Baltimore World Trade Center building itself to cast a shadow, like a sun dial, the shadow creeps across the 22 foot steel beams from Ground Zero and marble base at precisely the same times as the planes crashed and buildings crumbled more than a decade ago.
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FounderCon is the annual Techstars conference for their alumni [portfolio companies]. Filled with two days of valuable keynotes and breakout sessions, FounderCon also provides the Techstars team and alumni many opportunities to make valuable new connections. Attending this year's conference yielded important takeaways on (1) their network, equity back guarantee, and TechStars 2.0. Read more

September 2014
The Joy of Tech
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Time Spent on Facebook
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Digital jihad: ISIS, Al Qaeda seek a cyber caliphate to launch attacks on US
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Jihadists in the Middle East are ramping up efforts to mount a massive cyber attack on the U.S., with leaders from both Islamic State and Al Qaeda - including a hacker who once broke into former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's Gmail account - recruiting web savvy radicals, has learned.


Islamic militants brag online that it is only a matter of time before they manage to pull off a highly disruptive attack on America's infrastructure or financial system. In addition, Islamic State, the terror group that claims to have established a caliphate across Syria and Iraq, boast openly of plans to establish a "cyber caliphate," protected by jihadist developed encryption software from behind which they hope to mount catastrophic hacking and virus attacks on America and the West. Read more

Yahoo, Amazon and YouTube Hit By Malvertising Campaign
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Security experts are warning that Yahoo, YouTube and Amazon amongst others are serving up malicious ads to Windows and Mac users thanks to a newly discovered malvertising network.


The so-called 'Kyle and Stan' network was first detected back in May and has affected over 700 domains so far, although this is likely to be just "the tip of the iceberg", Cisco researchers Shaun Hurley, David McDaniel and Armin Pelkmann wrote in a blog post.


When netizens visit a website infected with the malicious ads, they're apparently redirected to another site based on what machine they're using - Windows or Mac.The final page automatically starts downloading malware. Read more


'Chinese crims' snatch 4.5 MILLION patient files from US hospitals
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One of the largest healthcare providers in the US claims Chinese hackers ran riot through its systems between April and June this year - accessing names, addresses and social security numbers of millions of patients.


But Community Health Systems (CHS) insists no medical records nor any financial data were grabbed by the miscreants. The biz oversees 206 hospitals in 29 states across America. Read more

Your body language shapes who you are

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With more than 20M views, one of the most watched Ted Talks in history. Amy Cuddy describes how two minutes a day of simple posture exercises can make a physiological change in testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain and actually providing more confidence and reducing anxieties. Read more


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