The next session of TechZone is this Saturday 19th January
10:00 to 15:30
Check in from 09:30
'Computer Science unplugged' is this month's theme.
This month's focus is more on the skills and abilities that lie behind the programming of a robot or computer rather than the actual programming itself.

Fun activities encouraging perseverance and the giving of accurate and precise instructions are included in today's session.

And towards the end of the session children will be free to work with our Lego WeDo kit or scratch coding.
And if there is time there is the possibility of taking part in a code cracking activity.
The Marble Run

The Marble Run will introduce the children to the idea that frustration can be an important part of learning.

Frustration is presented as a step in the creative process, rather than a sign of failure.

Children will be asked to work in small groups to build a marble run out of provided materials. Things may not go according to plan!
My robotic friend
This part of the day is all about developing and giving accurate and precise instructions - so important in programming.

This game requires one person to write a series of instructions to enable another person to follow these instructions to stack drinking cups in the required pattern.
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£15 per child for a full day of activities with a 10% discount applicable for Annual Pass Holders. Adults who want to get hands-on with the session can accompany their children for just £4 each.

Useful Information
TechZone sessions are aimed at all school age children, the activities can be adapted for younger children with additional challenges added for older participants. 

We cannot admit any participants before 9:30 and the first session starts at 10:00.

Children will be supervised over the two breaks - all we ask is that you provide them with a snack as well as a packed lunch and drinks to have during the breaks. The shop will be open in the centre , selling a range of snacks, drinks, toys and gifts.
If you have reserved places for this month's session but haven't yet paid, please contact us on 01978 293 400
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Next month's session
On Saturday 16th February TechZone will be focussing on creating computer games.