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OK, I've been sending out weekly Journals for 14 weeks now. This information takes quite a bit of time, resources & effort to produce, and I thought I should pause and get some feedback from you.

Keeping these Journals relevant to your LED market sector is important to me, and I've tried to keep them as simple as I could while breaking the technology into short, focused segments. I've started out by addressing the Hazardous Location Lighting market with my first series of Technical Journals.

But now it is time to take a break and get YOUR thoughts on what's really important to YOU .
Key Information
do YOU need
YOUR Solas Ray Sales ?
So - this is your chance to weigh in . . .
and my opportunity to discover . . .
what topics "Really Matter" to You.

There's only 14 questions!

Please take a moment and provide me some insight.

Thank You.
Bill Nagengast, President and Lighting Engineer, Solas Ray Lighting, holds over 20 patents in the lighting industry.
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