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Apples, Oranges & Cherries….
Three very different things
There are three very different hazardous location certifications for LED Lighting fixtures:
USA Hazardous Location Certification: UL844

This is the UL Test Standard for lights that are certified for hazardous locations in the USA.
European Hazardous Location Certification: ATEX

This is the symbol for the European certification standards for products (including lighting fixtures) allowed in explosive atmospheres. ATEX derives its name from the French; Appareils destinés à être utilisés en AT mosphères EX plosibles .
International Hazardous Location Certification: IECEx

Outside of the European Union similar regulations apply under the IECEX certification system. ATEX and IECEX certification systems are similar, but the North American approach is different (see area classification below).

  1. You must use UL 844 certified lights for Hazardous Locations in the USA and use Class I, II & III, and Divisions 1 & 2. UL 844 does not use the Zone classification.
  2. ATEX certified light fixtures with the Ex symbol, or IECEx light fixtures are NOT certified for use in the USA.
  3. ALWAYS look for UL 844 for Hazardous Location certified lighting fixtures for the USA.

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Bill Nagengast, President and Lighting Engineer, Solas Ray Lighting, holds over 20 patents in the lighting industry.
TJ-16 3.9.18