Combustible Dust Explosions
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OK…this Journal was going to be about Hot Surfaces and other potential ignition sources, but then something even Hotter came along that has stolen the spotlight . . .
Sister Jean from Loyola-Chicago , who is the hottest commodity in all of North America.
Solas Ray Lighting is located in central Indiana, the absolute dead-center of the basketball universe, and we can’t help ourselves – we are consumed by the recent March Madness of the NCAA National Basketball Tournament, watching white-hot teams from small colleges blowing out Tier-One Powerhouses.
Are we leading off with Sister Jean in this week’s Journal?
Of course we are!!! No doubt about it.
This Journal has been covering Hazardous Locations, and what can be more hazardous than the 2018 NCAA Bracket?
" Was is it safe to be a #1 seed playing the lowest (play-in) #16 rated team near Baltimore ?"

" Even if a #16 seed had never… (repeat) never in the history of the tournament, ever beaten a #1 seeded team? "

"Talk about Hazardous!"

So, what equipment do you need to survive in this Hazardous Location? Well, you sure don’t need a Class 1, Division 1 rated light fixture, you better start off with a lucky Sister Jean Bobblehead . . . and it hasn’t even been made yet.
And then you’ve got to have a pair of Nike Prayer Jordan shoes, and don’t forget to get a copy of her hot music video.
OK. That’s enough of a Journal for this week.

Let's all take a break from the Journal and watch
Loyola-Chicago-Michigan game Saturday night.
Bill Nagengast, President and Lighting Engineer, Solas Ray Lighting, holds over 20 patents in the lighting industry.
TJ-19 3.30.18