Combustible Dust Explosions
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Class II (Dust): Groups E, F & G
Are Solas Ray Hazardous Location fixtures certified for NFPA 33 , specifically for Spray Paint Booths?
Short History: The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) was created in the late 1800’s after a series of major fires that were caused by a new developing technology: Electricity.

The insurance companies were seeing major insurance claims due to electrical fire damage, and they met together to create a series of safety codes for buildings. The NFPA created many codes that they came to call Life Safety Codes . NFPA 33, regarding Spray Pain Booths, is one of over 275+ NFPA Codes.
Here’s an illustration that provides an answer:
Consider a highway and a vehicle. Two separate entities.

Highways get specified speed ratings based on many factors - curves, lane count, expected traffic, road surface, terrain, etc.

The Governing body assess these factors and determines the speed limits . . . they “Rate” the roadway setting speed limits based on known factors.

Important - the ROAD gets Rated and Highway CODES are applied. These do not cover the VEHICLE .

Vehicles are rated completely differently. They must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, a completely different set of safety system criteria.
So – to answer the question(s) . . .

  1. Buildings are rated by the NFPA depending on their use.
  2. Paint Spray Booths have their own Safety Code (NFPA 33).
  3. LED fixtures are tested and rated using the NEC Codes – which is a different safety rating system.

I hope this helps, Bill
Bill Nagengast, President and Lighting Engineer, Solas Ray Lighting, holds over 20 patents in the lighting industry.
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