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Pollution: It's Not just Chemicals,
Sewage and Plastic Straws...
YES , there are forms of “Pollution” in the lighting industry that we need to know more about.
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Light Pollution
A lighting condition that considers uncontrolled outdoor light from cars, signs, roadways and buildings to be an environmental hazard, much like water pollution. Such light reduces one’s ability to see the dark sky above at night.  ( This image is from a Texas newspaper with the headline, “Light pollution wiping out the Texas night sky” )
Light Spill
When there is unwanted spillage of light onto adjacent areas it may affect one’s ability to see at night, particularly residential properties and ecological sites.
Example: Street lights that light roadways, but also ‘spill’ uncontrolled light into adjoining residential yards and housing.
Light Trespass
In general, this covers light falling where it is not wanted or needed.

Dark-Sky Movement

This is a campaign to reduce light pollution going up into the sky at night. The advantages of reducing light pollution include an increase in the visibility of the number of stars at night, reducing the effects of electric lighting on the environment, and cutting down on energy usage. There are tests that measure how much light is sent upward by an outdoor fixture (to be covered in a future Journal), and if such a fixture emits no light upward, it is referred to as Dark Sky Friendly.
International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) Inc.:
A non-profit organization with goals to build awareness of the value of dark skies, and of the need for quality outdoor lighting.
The FIVE basic standards for IDA-approved lighting:
  • Lights should only be on when needed
  • Lights should only light the area that needs it
  • Lights should be no brighter than necessary
  • Lights should minimize the amount of ‘cool white’ emitted
  • Lights should be fully shielded (pointing downward)
Bill Nagengast, Lighting Engineer
Solas Ray Lighting
Holds over 20 patents in the lighting industry.
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