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TJ-6 12.22.17
Think of the AHJ as the
Referee for NEC Codes.
The game of professional football has some useful similarities to the administration of the National Electric Code (NEC) that can help better understand the role of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
For example, in the National Football League (NFL) the rules are set by the NFL and enforced during the playing of the games by Referees. Each Referee has the ability to interpret the rules and to enforce them during the game. A Referee can allow play to continue – or he can make a call during the game regarding whether a forward pass was caught for a completion, or dropped, and ruled an incomplete pass.

It can help to think of the AHJ as the Referee for the NEC. And the NEC “game” occurs during new construction, remodeling or other construction activity that involves electrical systems or components of the electrical system. The AHJ’s “rules of the game” are in the NEC, and they can call “penalties” during construction as they enforce the NEC.
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