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READ THIS if you are responsible for GE Frame 5, 6B, 7B-EA assets


Meeting after meeting of the Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum (CTOTF™) every seat is occupied at the roundtable dedicated to GE E- and legacy-class engines. In an era where real content and critical discussion are king, this session never disappoints. Session chair-Pierre Boehler of GenON Energy-and vice chair-Ed Wong of NRG Energy featured the following in-depth technical presentations: 



How to Inspect, Repair, or Replace GT Inlet and Exhaust System Components, by David Clarida, Integrity Power Solutions LLC.


Frame 6 Gear Drive O&M Considerations, George D Lankford, Philadelphia Gear Corp, a Timken company.


* Gas Turbine End of Life, Paul Tucker, First Independent Rotor Service of Texas (FIRST).


CTOTF trade show: Gateway to new solutions 

You're tied to the plant most days, nose to the proverbial grindstone. It's not like "olden times," when staffing levels supported light-bulb changers. Salesmen need not call, no time to talk. The only welcome visitors are contractors or vendors onsite to fix something you don't have the personnel resources for handling internally. So, when you have the opportunity to attend a quality trade show at a user group meeting, take it. It's your pathway to solutions providers who can help ease your O&M challenges.
Here are some items of interest that the editors picked up on the trade show floor:
* TIL 1854 issued three weeks ahead of the CTOTF meeting: Have you read it?

* TIL 1724 asks 7FA owners to inspect, clean the quaternary fuel annulus

* Ovation retrofit, replacement help Termovalle quickly recover from devastating floods
* Turnkey peaking-plant contract goes to Wood Group GTS
* Siemens leads the industry with its fourth fast-start combined-cycle contract

If you're not already developing a compliance plan for Version 4 of NERC CIP, you're late


CTOTF's™ Regulatory and Compliance Roundtable, chaired by Scott Takinen of APS (with Alan Bull of NAES Corp and Kim Williams of NV Energy as vice chairs), covers a great deal of territory at each meeting. It provides a valuable mixture of technical information attendees can put to immediate use at their plants, as well as valuable perspective on the direction of both changing and new rules, regulations, and legislation. This fall's lineup illustrates the point well:
* Mark Haughn of APS addressed NERC-required plant documentation for CIP.

* Dan Ott, VP of Industrial Catalyst Services at Environex Inc, led off with a detailed presentation on SCR and CO catalyst O&M.

* Julie Mitchell and Shirley Pearson, PE, of URS followed with an update on air permitting requirements for new & modified gas turbines and on new source performance standards.

Control-system options multiply: Open-architecture PAC gaining favor


When faced with an upgrade or replace decision, which will be the best alternative for your plant? If it's "replace," what type of control system will you select? Will it be the latest purpose-built control system offering from the turbine OEM? Or will you opt for a DCS system, programmable logic controller (PLC), or process automation controller (PAC)? Jeff Schleis, Senior Manager of Controls Engineering for Wood Group Power Plant Services, walked attendees at the Pratt & Whitney Roundtable through their options during the CTOTF's™ Fall Turbine Users Conference in San Diego. more








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