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No matter how you feel about technology or where you fit in the digital landscape, this newsletter is for YOU! Explore the ways technology is changing the face of aging, your quality of life, safety and social connections

Join in the discussion with our 2nd interactive article and responses to our 1st. Check our upcoming programs. AND see what you may have missed last month - including scenes from our fun, fabulous TTN-NYC 2.0 Festival!
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November 15th

The Wonders of Age OR What does 90 Feel like?
November 16th

Online WELCOME Orientation for New Members
November 17th

2nd Annual Artists & Artisans Fair
November 18th

TTN Holiday Shopping Party
November 29th
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Tuesday, Nov 28
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By Betty Rauch TTN member for 6 years

TTN no longer sends regular "snail mail." Almost all communication from, information about and sign-up for activities, is handled by email and website.  

So it seemed appropriate to examine the technological sophistication of TTN-NYC members.

In addition, as our world changes, seniors' tech savvy has become an important issue.  As Shawndra Card-Grant, TTN's administrative assistant, noted "Tech is great for those over 50.  It opens up a new world." Technology can assist seniors to stay connected, aware of what is going on, involved and engaged. In fact, technology adoption by seniors is so important that the Pew Research Center has looked at the issue multiple times, the last in 2017 ...  Read More
Technology That Boomer Women Will LoveTechnology_Boomer_Women_Love
By Andrew Parker  
This article from the website ZestNow ( ) is used with permission

Technology trends will enhance the lives of Boomer women. Smart technology for the house, wearable gadgets for health and more online sources for the mind.

Ten years ago, would you ever have thought that you'd one day be connected to long lost friends from high school, college and beyond-sharing updates and  photos of your grandchildren, family weddings, vacations and other celebrations on social media?

The Boomer generation has witnessed the hugely significant impact that advanced technology has had on modern life, from cable TV to YouTube, from rotary phones to smart phones, from record players and cassette tapes to iTunes, and from Kodak cameras and instant Polaroids to digital cameras. After coming this far, one can't help but wonder
...  Read More

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By Nancy Gold  TTN member for 4 years

What are the 2 THINGS You Want Say to the Younger Generation - NO HOLDS BARRED!

So I was in the dentist's office, waiting for my cleaning appointment and I picked up Glamour magazine. The theme of the edition was Women Power. I thought to myself, what does that really mean? Why are we discussing it now? Is it a reaction to the Harvey Weinstein/Bill Cosby cases? Haven't women been talking about this to a greater or lesser degree since Betty Friedan wrote her book The Feminine Mystique in 1963? Bigger questions came to my mind. 

How far (or not) have we come? 

Why is Planned Parenthood's future existence even questioned? When will we find specific answers to questions rather than offering glittering generalities? Then the dental assistant came out.

O.K, I admit it. I ripped a page out of the dentist's magazine because there were a few lines I wanted to remember. Pnina Fenster, editor, wrote "Do I believe in equal rights? For sure. Do I believe in equal opportunities? You bet. Do I love the word feminist? Absolutely!" Our New York organization of 600+ women strong have a lot of collective wisdom to share with the younger generation, men and women. Take a moment join this interactive conversation  .
..  Read More

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In Case You Missed It - 
Recent TTN Events In-Case-
Sally Dougan
TTN member for 15 years

Let's Go To The Movies! October 3rd

The second film in this terrific three-session private screening series featured the British film "Secrets and Lies".  The excellent movie was followed by a fascinating discussion facilitat ed by the renowned NYU Film Professor Dr Harry Chotiner.  
Hope you did not miss the final ...  Read More
By Nancy Gold

THE RESULTS ARE IN! YOU GAVE US the MOST responses of ANY article ever published in the Newsletter.  This article hit home for so many NY TTNers. 

Interestingly enough, all the SINGLE LADIES (with a nod to Beyonce) weighed in with their suggestions and VERY STRONG opinions on how to pay for dinner. Every single woman INSISTED on paying the ir share. No wimpy-let's-see-what-happens-when-the-check-arrives behavior SO MY PERSONAL KUDOS TO YOU ALL. (There was only one response from a "coupled" women... Hmmm? Where were the rest?)

I heard anger, I heard attitude, I heard  outrage, I heard sadness. I heard loneliness. Best of all I HEARD SOLUTIONS.   

Here are the ones that stood out 
(and there were many others so I have summarized):

1)  BRING UP THE SUBJECT OF DINNER YOURSELF. Take the initiative and make a REASON for getting together like "We haven't gotten together for a while" or "Have you been to the ABC Restaurant - I hear
 it's great - shall we plan to have dinner there?" ( Thank you, D.)

2) Deal with the situation ahead of time. Tell your male friend BEFORE HAND that if he picks up the check, you will repay him for your other friends' share. ( Thank you, M .)

3) If the couple pays even though you have offered, WRITE A THANK YOU NOTE AND RECIPROCATE IN ANOTHER WAY. ( Thank you, J. )

4) Tell the waiter WHEN YOU ORDER TH AT YOU WANT A SEPARATE CHECK so that you can order caviar and lobster with no guilt. ( Thank you, M.


There is a suggestion that we continue this conversation in a Talking Circle. If you are interested please email me and I will put you in touch with the organizer. (

We all feel strongly that NO ONE SHOULD EAT ALONE. Let's all remember that "before and after being a couple, we were all a single." ( Thank you, M.)

Small personal note/confession: My girlfriend was going out of town on an extended business trip and said, "Please ask my husband to dinner." I thought to myself, why didn't I think of that? Immediate guilt but then immediate invitation to my friend's husband Wayne to join my husband, Bob and me for dinner the following week. Result: a delightful evening with a  highly intelligent man. Great company for my husband and for me, and a chance to really get to know someone better. Amazing insights after just one glass of wine and many laughs. 

Attention all Chapter authors, artists and award winners 

Have you been published lately?  A book or an article?  Are there any gallery shows or shops exhibiting your art or handmade items?  Let us know and we will help publicize it for you and feature you in our TTN emails and on our website and Facebook pages.
Do we have any members who have recently been awarded a degree or an honor for their contributions to society?  Let your fellow members know and enjoy your achievements with you.  


Around TTN Town Around-TTN_Town

2nd Annual Artists & Artisans Fair
Saturday, November 18th 
Stop In Anytime 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Share the excitement, passion, and beauty of this amazing array of art and crafts by our very 
multi-talented  TTN members.   Read More

That's what our FREE, FUN & FABULOUS  FESTIVAL was. 
Thanks to our Fearless Festival Committee and to the 200 plus Chapter Members who attended. Check out In Case You Missed It for pictures and details.

TTNers Creating News
New TTN Member Joan Ramirez has released her latest page turner " Secret Desires"  under pen name  J. L. Regen. Looking for a steamy read this cold Fall?  
Read More

Jingle Bells - TTN Holiday Shopping Party
The Holidays will be here soon! On Wednesday, November 29th enjoy a wonderful opportunity to do your holiday shopping at a festive gathering of fellow TTNers and friends. 20% of all purchases will benefit TTN - and help us continue to provide great programs and services.      Read More

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