6 Tips for a Safer Spring

With Spring in the air, you're probably spending more time outside and doing a little sprucing up inside. Whether you're mowing the lawn or playing sports, there are few things you can do to protect your smile all season long.

Mouth Healthy Cookbook for Total & Oral Health

To help you cook up dishes that are tasty and keep your smile healthy, we partnered with one of our Foundation grantees, NOAH, to curate a collection of nearly two dozen free, mouth-healthy recipes. From snacks to drinks to main meals, these recipes are easy to make and come with tips from nutrition and dental experts.

Technology, Trends and Teeth

New technologies are making access to dentists easier, reducing patient fear and stress, and helping with diagnoses. Current trends and new products are also changing the way some people care for their oral health. See why these important innovations may give you new reasons to smile.

The Health Appointments You Shouldn't Skip

It's easy to come up with a few excuses for missing a routine health appointment. But the consequences of missing these important appointments can far outweigh any reasons for missing them. See why it's important to schedule and keep your health appointments.

Mouth Healthy Recipe: Savory Roasted Beet Fries

Step aside french fries, this is a job for beets! Even kids will love this fun, healthy way to add a superfood to your family’s diet. And you’ll love what beets do for your smile because they can help strengthen teeth and fight tooth decay.

Mouth-Body Connection:
Why Oral Health Is About More Than Your Mouth

Your mouth and the rest of your body are more connected than you realize. That's because many oral diseases can affect health conditions outside the mouth, and vice versa! Learn more about the ever-evolving relationship between your body and your smile.
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