microScan3 Safety Laser Scanner

The   microScan3 Core safety laser scanner  from SICK reliably protects hazardous areas, accesses, and hazardous points. The innovative safeHDDM scan technology sets new benchmarks. The microScan3 combines a sma ll com pact design and a large scanning range in one device with high performance in even the toughest environments. 
Standardized cable connections for rapid integration. New Safety Designer software offers improved programming features and fast set up time. The microScan3 features a brilliant LED screen for easy identification of status.

Lexium MDrive Recommendation from Jason Brickner

"I have a great mix of customers and industries from food processors to semiconductor manufacturing. These customers can be machine builders, systems integrators, OEM's or factories trying to automate themselves." 
"One product that seems to work for ALL these customers is the Schneider Electric Lexium Mdrive smart stepper."

"Lexium MDrive consists of a stepper motor, stepper drive, feedback encoder, motion controller, analog and discrete inputs and outputs, and communications port (Ethernet or Serial) all in one self-contained unit."

"At half the price of a servo system they are worth looking at on your next project."

Jason Brickner,
Sales Engineer

Collaborative Robotics Brochure

Olympus Controls’ new Collaborative Robot brochure is a comprehensive guide to Universal Robots’ collaborative robots and their accessories.

Featuring multiple end-of arm tooling options including robotic and vacuum gripper options, torque sensors, tool changers, cable management and robot vision accessories, and much more.

Please Join Us at SLAS 2018

We invite you to visit us at booth# 333 at the seventh Annual International SLAS International Conference and Exhibition, in San Diego, California.

 The SLAS2018 Exhibition features hundreds of leading providers of life science discovery and technology products and services.  

February 3-7, 2018 - San Diego, CA

Cognex In-Sight Spreadsheets Machine Vision Training

During this 3-day class students will learn how to manipulate the basic and advanced features of the spreadsheet and machine vision tools via hands-on labs.

February 27- March 1, 2018
Tualatin. OR

Denso RC8 Training
This two-day training will cover theory of operation via hands-on experience with robot hardware. Previous knowledge of robotics is not necessary.

March 14-15, 2018
Tualatin, OR

Universal Robots

This 1-day class will cover theory of operation of Universal Robots using hands-on experience with robot hardware.

March 6, 2018
San Diego, CA

March 6, 2018
Irving, TX