Tip #1: Avoid Zoom fatigue with CAFE's top tips for online meetings:  

  • Allow yourself sufficient time to settle and ground your attention. Just like a physical meeting, you will do better if your heart is not racing when your meeting starts.
  • If the group is small enough, take time to truly greet the attendees with your full attention. You will feel more at ease and the meeting will feel less distant to everyone.
  • Resist the urge to multitask during the meeting, research shows that performance diminishes during multitasking. Start by closing your inbox and other programs and focus on the meeting.
  • Use the “speaker view” and/or hide your own video. It’s easy to distract yourself when you can see your own image. Additionally, we are our own worst critics and it’s easy to get carried away looking at your own image.
  • Take measured breaks between sessions. If you think setting a break during a meeting can be disruptive, then consider making your meetings shorter to allow time for a breather; so instead of a 1 hour meeting, make it 50 minutes.

Tip #2: See how well your course's accessibility is by viewing your course's Bb Ally score.

  • On the left hand menu of your Bb course, click on Bb Ally. At the top left of the Course accessibility score window you will see a percentage number with a colored arch over it in either red, orange, or green. That is your accessibility score.