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MDM/ATX Expo - Minneapolis
Last week, Automation, Inc. exhibited at the annual Medical Design & Manufacturing and Automation Technology Expo (MD&M and ATX Expo).

Thank you to everyone that stopped by our booth!

If you missed it this year, the show demos will also be on display at our Minneapolis location. To see these demos contact your Automation, Inc. Sales Rep or  Contact Us .
Thank you to our manufacturers who supported our booth and demos including, Parker Hannifin, Cognex, Rethink Robotics, Piab, Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, DESTACO, Nachi, and more.
White Paper: Achieving Required Safety Levels Using a Pneumatic Safety Exhaust Valve
As more companies increase their focus on safety of machinery, design engineers need a firm understanding of the Machinery Directive and how to comply with the required safety levels.

This White Paper explains how a Pneumatic Safety Exhaust Valve can be an easy & cost effective way to accomplish compliance. 

Rethink Robotics Introduces Intera 5.2 with Insights
Providing real-time robot performance, manufacturing data
Rethink Robotics' recent release of  Intera® 5.2 is an expansion of its first-of-its-kind Intera software platform that provides critical data insights to manufacturers in real time. Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer™ gives operators and line managers valuable data at a glance, including metrics such as cycle time, part count, speed and force.

The new feature,  Intera Insights , displays key performance indicators (KPIs) via a customizable dashboard on the robot’s on-board display, making it accessible directly on the factory floor. The same charts are also fed back to the Intera Studio platform, providing visibility to other members of the manufacturing team.

  • Customizable Intera Insights display key performance indicators
  • External Vision Systems for robot guidance
  • Internal Sawyer Camera can locate or inspect up to 20 unique objects
  • Force Features to apply or sense forces on the arm 

Parker 4MA Series NFPA Cylinders
Rugged, all purpose pneumatic cylinders
The  4MA Series  is a ruggedly constructed all purpose cylinder. The aluminum body and end caps make the 4MA a light weight solution. With 8 bore sizes, 20 NFPA mounting styles, and a variety of specials and options it's highly configurable and easily adaptable.

  • Bore Sizes: 1-1/2" to 8" 
  • Stroke Length: available in any practical stroke length
  • Rod diameters: 5/8", 1", 1-3/8", oversize rod option available
  • ROHS compliant
  • Rod lock option available

Mitsubishi Electric Automation MR-J4 Servo
Auto-tuning servo optimizes machine performance effortlessly
The MR-J4 servo delivers top performance with high speed frequency response, superior synchronization, and vibration suppression. Traditionally difficult programming and setup is also simple with built-in positioning, simple cam function, and advanced One‑touch Auto-tuning designed to compensate for the mechanical characteristics of the machine.

  • Advanced One-Touch Auto-Tuning™
  • Built-in positioning function
  • 22 bit high resolution encoder
  • 2.5kHz speed frequency response
  • Simplified torque control with master-slave operation function

Swivel-Link for Machine Vision and Lighting
Move to virtually any position imaginable
Swivel-Link allows you to position items where you want! Swivel-Link can move to virtually any position imaginable and then lock in that position with extreme rigidity.

The imperial (AFSB-1) ball base has a hole pattern to fit most standard T-slot aluminum extrusions and the metric (SLM-1) ball base has a hole pattern to fit most metric T-slot aluminum extrusions. The through hole in the ball base can be used for routing wires, cables, or small hoses. There is an exit groove out the side of the base for cables, hose, and wires.

MiRHook™ 200 Mobile Industrial Robot 
Autonomous mobile robot with higher payload
MiRHook™ 200  is ideal for a wide range of towing jobs, such as efficiently moving heavy products between locations in a manufacturing facility or warehouse, or moving linen and food carts in hospitals. The MiRHook™ 200 supports the transport of loads up to 500 kg (1100 lbs), providing exciting new internal logistics options for weighty or unwieldy cargos.

The MiRHook™ 200 robot identifies carts by QR markers and autonomously transports them as you define. MiRHook™ 200 can be incorporated into a fleet of MiR robots, and can be easily redeployed to meet changing requirements.