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Automation, Inc. Collaborative Robot Evaluations
Providing confidence in your collaborative robot solution

Automation, Inc. offers free Collaborative Robot Evaluations with our in-house Rethink Robotics’ Sawyer robot.  Our trained application engineers work with the customer to simulate their real world application, conducting a proof of concept test.  These tests may include verifying the robot meets application requirements such as reach, cycle times, gripper requirements and more.

Key decision makers can have confidence in the collaborative robot solution, by witnessing the simulated process first hand. 

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Automation, Inc. Collaborative
Robot Evaluations
Design World Article: Getting Creative with Custom Conveyors

Using an elevator-type conveyor in a tight plant footprint

CooperSurgical is a maker of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices to women’s healthcare providers. Recently the manufacturer turned to QC Industries to setup a new production line that maintains the cleanliness required for packaging medical products, but with high throughput in a tight plant footprint.

A combination of standard AS450 conveyors move product throughout the manufacturing process.  QC Industries engineers customized an elevator-type conveyor to take large bins of finished product up to an overhead track of conveyors that moves finished and collected product towards shipping while doubling as storage space.

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Network Solutions Seamlessly Connect Automation System

Integrated PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP managed switches

Advantech industrial protocol managed switch products support media redundancy protocols including PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, or Modbus/TCP real time standard. The devices come with a compact metal housing that is IP30 rated to protect against dusty industrial environments. The wide power input power (8.4 to 52.8 V DC ) is dedicated to operating in areas of unstable power and rugged environments.

  • Compatible with SIMATIC step 7 and TIA portal (PROFINET compatible models)
  • PROFITNET models support Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)
  • Faceplate compatible with Rockwell FactoryTalk® View (Ethernet/IP compatible models)
  • Easy and fast deployment from Advantech IXM technology
  • Crucial management functions embedded

Integrated Protocol Managed Switches

Case Study: Non-Spill Connectors
Providing liquid cool confidence for IT operations

Ebullient’s corporate motto is “Cool with Confidence™”— and CPC connectors help Ebullient do just that for their precision liquid cooling systems for electronic hardware. Ebullient DirectJet™ cooling modules replace air-cooled heat sinks and sit atop the processors within the server.

There is growing interest in liquid cooling with an increasing number of small companies wanting the ease and efficiency of direct liquid cooling systems. Customers want hotswappable capability and leak-free performance to simplify their hardware maintenance.

CPC’s non-spill, quick disconnect couplings allow servers to be connected to or disconnected from cooling system without shutting it down or affecting neighboring servers. 

Overcoming Motor Inertia
The five things you need to know
Most engineers recognize that gearheads can be used to create a better inertia match between the object that is being moved and the motor being driven.

However, getting to this ratio may be difficult at times, mainly due to the fact that as you add more ratio to the gearhead, you will require more speed from the motor, which may not be available or may exceed the input speed limitations of the gearhead. Further, choosing a higher gearhead ratio will typically be costlier due to the extra gears that need to be incorporated within it.

So here are some useful insights from application engineering experts on what you need to know about gearhead and servo motors.

Piab Kenos Grippers
From forest to furniture – Kenos® grippers keep timber products safe

Grappling with everything from unprocessed tree trunks to fine pieces of furniture, Kenos® foam padded vacuum grippers from Piab offer a soft but firm grip for safe, automatic handling of timber and wood products. Two models and tailored designs serve a broad range of applications.

The grippers use a special foam padding for an adaptable grip that enables them to hold on tight to a variety of surfaces. Kenos® Heavy Vacuum Gripper (KHVG) is capable of handling the heaviest timber products found particularly in the forestry industry and sawmills. 

Kenos® Vacuum Grippers are the ideal tool for transferring, for instance MDF boards or parts between different machines or production stages where they are cut, glued or laminated.  They can hold objects in a firm grip, while the foam padding acts as a protective layer, preventing scratches and other damage.

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