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The Process of Building an IPS Workstation
The IPS Design Center at Automation, Inc. has the capabilities to design, machine, and assemble a wide variety of projects ranging from small camera fixtures to large scale gantry systems. The process of an IPS project, like a workstation, typically follows these 8 steps...

Employee Spotlight
Mike, Production Manager

Our Production Manager, Mike, has been working with IPS aluminum extrusion for almost 19 years and enjoys working on old cars.

Mitsubishi Electric RH-CH Industrial SCARA Robots
 Compact, low cost 4-axis SCARAs for basic applications
The RH-CH line of compact industrial SCARA robots are lightweight, full function robots ready to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers at a price for even the most budget conscious of customers.

With a range of payloads, reaches, and protection ratings to choose from, these robots are well suited for Pick & Place, Assembly, Material Handling and Packaging applications.

  • Maximum load: 3kg or 6kg
  • Arm Length: 400, 600, 700mm
  • Vertical storke: 180 or 200mm

Parker P33T Safety Redundant Exhaust Valve
Safety interface for external monitoring
The P33 Safety Exhaust valve is a redundant, externally monitored, 3/2 normally closed safety valve. The primary function of this valve is to ensure safe and rapid exhaust of trapped air from a machine in the event of a fault in the safety circuit or in an emergency e-stop situation via a redundant two channel design for fail safe operation. 
Easy electrical interface with M12 connectors to safety circuit.

  • External monitoring provides a cost and space saving advantage
  • Solid state pressure sensors provide accurate, fast fault detection
  • Quick visual LED indicators on the front of the valve
  • Suitable for stand alone use or modular mounting to P32 or P33 FRL assembly

QC Industries Conveyor Configurator
Easy, intelligent configuration and quoting
QC Industries' conveyor configurator provides immediate access to configuration and quoting tools. In just minutes, you'll configure all the parts you need for a complete conveyor system, including sides, gearmotors, stands and accessories.

Their engineering-based rules make sure all parts of your system will work together perfectly right out of the box. Detailed questions help guide your choices. Once you've configured your conveyor, download all the 3D CAD models, 2D drawings, specifications and more to make integration easy.

Parker Linear Motor Technology
From single axis components to custom designed multi-axis systems
In many applications, Parker linear motors offer distinct advantages over conventional rotary drive systems. When using a linear motor, there is no need to couple the motor to the load by means of intermediate mechanical components such as gears, ballscrews, or belt drives. The load is directly connected to the motor. Therefore, there is no backlash or elasticity from the moving elements. Thus, the dynamic behavior of the servo control is improved and higher levels of accuracy are achieved.

Parker has one of the broadest offerings in available linear motor technologies. From component or “kit” style motors, packaged positioning tables, to complete custom engineered systems, Parker can provide a solution for any linear motion requirement.