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Upcoming Training
MiR Hook Rundown
On February 14th we hosted a seminar on the capabilities of the Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) Hook.

If you missed the seminar here are some bullet points on how the MiR Hook can improve your internal transportation.

Employee Spotlight- Alex
Alex has been an Application Engineer at Automation, Inc. for 3 years and recently adopted a German Shepherd. He primarily works with collaborative robots and machine vision.

Highly Configurable Standard Options
Compact Automation's Pneumatic Cylinders
Compact Automation specializes in space-efficient linear actuator products; offering the largest selection of standard options for pneumatic cylinders. Equipment can be uniquely designed the way it needs to be without having to work around a limited standardized selection or wait for custom parts.
Online configuration tools allow products to be configurated quickly with readily available CAD files.

  • Sizes from 8 mm to 8 in
  • Forces up to 5,000 lbs
  • Easily field repairable
Easy Inspection and Verification
Cognex In-Sight Laser Profiler
The  In-Sight® Laser Profiler  is an easy-to-deploy measurement system used to verify that a part meets specifications.

The In-Sight Laser Profiler is configured with the In-Sight EasyBuilder® user interface. This intuitive, easy-to-use software allows manufacturing and quality engineers to develop, deploy, and support high accuracy measurements on the factory floor.

  • Accurately acquire profile
  • Easily extract features
  • Easily construct reference points
  • Perform correct and repeatable measurements 

Minimize Contamination in Dirty Environments
NSK K1 Lubrication Unit and Monocarrier Actuator
NSK’s  K1 Lubrication Unit  is uniquely designed to lubricate and minimize contamination. The K1 ensures long-term, maintenance-free operation even under tough lubrication environments.

The K1 Lubrication Unit comes standard with NSK's light weight and highly accurate Monocarrier Multi-Functional Actuator .

  • Effective sealing to eliminate contamination
  • 40,000 km without maintenance
  • Available in accordance with the FDA
  • High reliability

Industrial Computers for Machine Vision
Advantech MIC Series and AIIS Series
Advantech's MIC Series and AIIS Series Industrial Computers were designed with machine vision in mind. The MIC Series has higher CPU options and more PCiE ports than the AIIS Series.

The MIC and AIIS industrial computers are customizable and perfect for large scale machine vision projects. 

  • Built-in GbE PoE/USB3.0 channels
  • Configurable/Customizable chassis with expandable PCIe slots for adding additional ports
  • Wide range of CPU options
  • Dual core i3-6102E to a twelve core Intel Xeon D-1559

Compact, Fast, Precise Industrial Robot
Nachi's New MZ12 Robot
Nachi's MZ12 industrial robot leads its class in speed and precision with a footprint that is 17% smaller than conventional robots.

The high speed and precise robot comes with through-arm cabling and air piping.
  • Payload: 12 kg
  • Position Repeatability: ±0.04 mm
  • Max Reach: 1454 mm
  • IP67 Protection Rating
  • Can be floor, tilt, or invert mounted