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Mitsubishi PLC Training
Walk away with hardware, software and knowledge
Everyone attending the class will receive an FX5U
PLC, GX Works3 Software and Programming Cable,
all valued at $1,450.  

Attendees will walk away with a strong understanding of
the basic features and functions of the FX5U PLC and GX Works3 programming software.
E-Manual Viewer
Programming Documentation
Setting of Parameters
System Addressing
Basic Instruction and the functions
Multiple programs and scan times

March 23, 2017
Minneapolis, MN

Energy Absorption and Vibration Isolation
Preventing equipment damage by controlling unwanted energy

ITT Enidine Inc. offers a broad range of products to extend your equipment life, from ECO Series and Mid-Bore Series shock absorbers to Wire Rope and Compact Wire Rope Isolators their broad range of products can solve all of your energy absorption and vibration isolation needs.

Shock and vibration mitigation should be a consideration in the design of any system, with the right knowledge Enidine shock absorption and vibration isolation products can be valuable tools in designing your equipment to last longer from the start.

Enidine's online sizing tool Enisize
allows the user to easily find the correct product solution for their applications.   

Parker LogoHighly Configurable and Adaptable Components
Flexible machine design for Twenty-First Century Challenges
The days of waiting months for design, configuration and delivery of a machine have passed. Now, Parker automation solutions can deliver components quickly, with flexibility in stroke capacity, scalable performance, drive train options and modularity. Resolution and encoder protocols offer a variety of choices.

 Parker's highly configurable and adaptable components means flexibility for slight variations without demanding major design changes.
  • Scalable performance 
  • Drive train options
  • Modularity
  • Performance
  • Selectable resolution and encoder types
  • Digital design, 3D CAD models
  • Integrated and optimized complementary products
Make Your Application Smarter with RFID
RFID-based couplings
Redefine what's possible for controlling, protecting and streamlining fluid handling processes with RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® couplings. IdentiQuik leverages RFID technology to allow it to not only transfer fluid, but also critical information such as device type, connected media, line connection status, and fluid and product data.

They allow for the robust transfer of fluid and information in a limitless number of applications across multiple industries .

Advantech logo UNO-3000 Industrial Computers
High performance and flexible expansion for machine automation
Advantech's UNO-3000 series of industrial computers are renowned for their high performance and flexible expansion. The UNO-3283G models are configured with the newest Intel Core i7 processor, 8G DDR4 SODIMM (ECC available) and memory, 6 x USB.  The abundant I/O ports and flexible expansion makes it the ideal solution for machine automation.
  • Dual iDoor expansion 
  • ECC available
  • Up to 3 independent displays
  • Up to 4 expansion (PCI/PCIe/mPCIe)


Customer Success Story: Yanfeng Automotive Interiors powering continuous improvement with Sawyer robots

Product Guide

QC Industries has just launched a new edition of their Conveyor Selection Guide. 


IdentQuik RFID enhanced fluid management couplings

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