Festo Motion Control Package - FMCP
Handles coordinated motion for up to 6 axes

Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) is a motion control kit for running a Festo handling system. FMCP can coordinate motion of up to six axes for pick and place and other precision Cartesian robotic applications.

FMCP is available as a pre-wired and ready-to-install control solution providing kinematics for H-portal, T-portal, 2D, and 3D Festo standard gantry systems. At the PLC, OEMs configure Cartesian motion applications using the FCMP’s software function blocks.

With this solution, Festo has taken its Handling Guide Online (HGO) and created FMCP as a complete solution: robotic motion controller, cabinet, components, wiring and quick connection. Control cabinet arrives fully wired and ready to be installed.

Compact IP67 Safety Solutions
I/O Hybrid modules for PROFIsafe and CIP Safety
Turck’s TBPN and TBIP hybrid safety block I/O modules combine standard and safety inputs/outputs in a single device. This enables the IP65/IP67/IP69K hybrid modules to be adapted flexibly to the actual signal requirements of your machine. The modules can operate with external safety PLCs or also as a standalone remote safety controller.

Flexible safety and general purpose I/O combination is supported by configurable input/output points and IO-Link. Easy installation and startup with graphical configuration software, web server for simple diagnostics and integrated Ethernet switch.

TC Cloud Client VPN Gateway
Connect machines to the mGuard Secure Cloud
TC Cloud Clients as VPN gateways connect machines to the mGuard Secure Cloud securely over the Internet. Approved for use on 4G LTE Verizon and AT&T cellular networks, they provide an inexpensive basis for scalable remote maintenance of machines.

Secure remote maintenance opens up great potential in terms of additional services for manufacturers of machine and production systems. Customers can choose between TC Cloud Clients which use operator networks, and versions which use global 4G-LTE mobile networks for cloud communication.

  • 24/7 access and control of remote machines via the AT&T or Verizon cellular network 
  • Secure VPN connections to remote equipment without purchasing a static IP address or custom APN 
  • Save time and money through reduced downtime and efficiency optimization 
  • Commission new machines or update existing programs via the cloud 
  • Create new business opportunities and generate revenue for OEM machine builders 

Mitsubishi Low-Profile Direct Drive Motor
Direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor
Mitsubishi Electric’s low-profile direct drive motor allows for the direct control of a load without the use of more traditional mechanical transmission components (gears, belts, chains, etc.). Combining this direct control with the accuracy of a servo motor allows customers to build more compact, efficient, and precise machines.

The hollow shaft design feature allows for easy installation of cables and air pipes in the rotating axis. With its reduced footprint, your machine’s center of gravity and stability by minimizing height and weight.These low-profile motors are a good fit for applications such as index tables, tool changers, and rotary axis for material handling robots.

Universal Robots+
Fast, easy, low-risk integration
Universal Robots+ provides cutting-edge products to customize a UR robot application that perfectly meets your requirements. All products are tested and approved to perfectly integrate with UR robots, ensuring simple set-up, reliable operation, smooth user experience, and easy programming.
Dorner 2200 Series Conveyor

2200 Series low profile modular belt conveyors are designed to be the infeed and discharge to a Universal Robot. The conveyor will bring the product to the robot and then take the product away from the robot.

Robotiq Insights

Insights monitors your Universal Robots remotely, anywhere, any time on any device. Signals any stop immediately, so you can put the robot back into production quickly. Tracks critical KPIs.

OnRobot RG2-FT Gripper

With inbuilt 6 axis F/T and proximity sensors at the fingertips, the RG2-FT gripper is suitable for use in collaborative operations and precision machine tending, assembly and insertion applications, particularly for fragile material handling. 

Mitsubishi Training Classes Offered
We offer scheduled PLC, HMI and Servo Motion programming classes in addition to our Lunch & Learn Training. Our training classes are facilitated in a hands-on format, designed so each attendee can learn and build their skills.

iQ-R Series PLC Programming Class - February 5-6, 2019, Flint, MI

Entry Level Basic PLC Programming Class - February 12, 2019, Grand Rapids, MI

Q Series PLC and GOT HMI Programming Class - February 26-27, 2019 - Flint, MI
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