To Our LFHS Students and Families, 

As we begin the new school year, there is no question that technology is playing a bigger role than ever and our Technology team is doing its best to meet the needs of all involved.

Chromebook Tips
Some of you have been in touch regarding difficulties with Chromebooks. While we evaluate each situation on case-by-case basis, we are observing that about 95% of the cases reported are resolved with the following steps:

1) Make sure you are in range of your WiFi router. Get closer, if needed.
2) Close extra tabs that may be open.
3) Make sure your Chromebook is fully updated. (More on updates:
4) Reboot (i.e., turn the device off and restart).
5) If connected to an external monitor, try disconnecting it.

Update on Chrome Extensions
We have observed that in many cases, service interruptions have been caused by student-loaded extensions on the Chromebook. This weekend we disabled all extensions not specifically installed by the District. This should help with device stability.

How to Get Support
Our team is here to help. As a reminder, students can always reach out for technical assistance by email at If their computer is inaccessible, please call (847) 582-7370. Our typical response time on emails is less than 20 minutes. 

Will will continue to work to resolve any issues and appreciate your patience, partnership, and support. 

Thank you,

Jordan Salus
Chief Technology Officer