Volume 8 | Issue 1
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Technology is the newest accomplice for criminals
Recently criminals have taken a different approach to vehicle theft, and this new avenue is much more technologically advanced. The latest advancement in auto theft is a device which allows the criminal to electronically break into and steal vehicles. This allows criminals a more convenient way to hijack your vehicle, and unless caught on surveillance, the process is quicker, less suspicious, and leaves little evidence for the owner to understand what happened to their vehicle.
The Theft
The device consists of two parts, and thus the crime is usually committed with an accomplice. One part is a black box approximately the size of a tablet which reads the electronic transmission from your key, cloning the signal. This information is sent to the second device, about the size of a phone which, when held up to the door of the vehicle, has the ability to unlock it and start the engine allowing the criminal to drive away with your vehicle, or steal any items you have left inside. As the victim exits their vehicle, the thieves watch and one person follows you at a close proximity. Once your vehicle fob is read that person moves away from you and the other person goes up to your vehicle, holding the second device and rendering your vehicle accessible.

Fortunately, it can only be used on vehicles which use a keyless remote and push-start ignition. Unfortunately for the owners of such vehicles, counteraction against these attacks still remains illusive. Auto manufacturers are working on anti-theft technology but until this is released due diligence is your best option. Be aware of who is around you as you walk away from your vehicle, especially if a person is near you and another individual is in the vicinity.
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