November 2020
Door Controllers can do more than just control your door...
Technology in the car wash door industry has advanced tremendously over the years.  Door controls have grown from simple, stand alone, push button controls to advanced systems that directly interface with automatic car wash equipment.  The vast majority of car wash controllers seamlessly connect to door controls and are not only able to open and close the doors as needed during the wash cycle, but are most are able to control the doors via temperature and can even alert owners when a door is open for an extended period of time.  In colder climates especially, these features offer car wash owners reliability and peace of mind that their doors will operate accordingly in freezing temperatures and during the busiest times of the year.
Hey! Have you met Tyler? Employee Spot Light
Tyler Wurm has been with Airlift Doors, Inc. for a little over 9 years. He started working in the warehouse building track for the doors, then moved into shipping parts orders.

After working the UPS desk for a couple years, Tyler is now the shipping/receiving manager. His job includes putting door orders together, booking the LTL shipments making sure everything gets shipped on time.

Tyler lives locally here, in Maple Lake. His time spent out of the warehouse includes hunting, fishing, playing golf, and hanging out at the lake with family and friends.