In the coming week, I will be sending my clients IRS Power of Attorney Forms (POA Form 2848) to sign and return to our office. These are optional forms, but can be very helpful when I am preparing your tax returns. With a signed POA form, I am able to check the IRS records of your income and tax payments, so we can be sure that the numbers we are reporting match the information that IRS has received from your employers, mortgage companies and banks.

Signing this form will also mean that if you ever receive a letter from the IRS, I will be mailed a copy and I can respond on your behalf. This allows me to respond to notices promptly and accurately, without requiring you to forward forms to me.

If your returns are relatively straightforward, I might elect not to send you a POA to sign now, although we can always prepare it later if needed. Married couples must each sign separate forms. Full instructions will be included with the forms.

If you have already set up an online portal with the office, we will post the forms and instructions there for you to sign; if not, we will mail them. If you would like to start using the document portal now, or if you used the portal previously but would prefer to get hard copies, please let us know.