In recent weeks, we have observed significant delays both in mail delivery and in tax return processing by IRS and state taxation departments due to COVID-related staffing changes. It is advisable to plan for longer processing times this tax season.

Our organizer packages were mailed out a couple of weeks ago, but it is quite possible that some of you have not yet received them, and we do understand if this causes a delay in your response. Unfortunately, this general slow-down of the US Postal Service may mean that tax forms arrive in your mailbox, and your packages come to us, later than they would under normal circumstances. We are always able to extend returns to give ourselves more time, but another option is to request that your forms be made available to you digitally from employers and financial institutions, and forward these digital copies to us through our Intuit Link client portal (see below).

Based on returns and letters we have recently sent to IRS and various states, we are noticing that it is taking departments much longer to respond to us or distribute refunds--in some cases we even get a second request for something we have already sent in. For now, we can only be patient and recognize that their offices are clearly overloaded and understaffed. At this point, IRS says it will not accept 2020 tax returns until February 12, 2021. Hopefully, this longer delay at the beginning of the season is giving them some time to catch up.