2018 Organizers Coming Soon
I hope you are having a good 2019 so far, and I look forward to helping you in the upcoming tax season. I will be sending newsletters occasionally to keep you informed of important dates to remember, tax law updates, and planning ideas that are relevant to my clients.

On January 8th, I will be mailing out organizer packages that include:
  • An Engagement Letter that I need every client to sign, allowing me to work on their tax returns,
  • A packet of Tax Questions that will provide the information I need to prepare complete and accurate returns, and
  • An optional Tax Organizer for recording income and deduction information.
Each packet will also include instructions to make it clear what information and documents I need from you.

If you were a client of Joan Lizbeth Mashburn, CPA , and I am preparing your returns for the first time, you will get a paper organizer package as usual (excepting Joan's clients who prefer emailed organizers).

If you are an existing client and I have usually shared documents electronically with you in the past, I will continue to do so this year, using a slightly different system that I hope and anticipate will be intuitive. On January 8th I will send an email via Intuit Link allowing you to set up your own account. Once you have a username and password, this system will allow you to send and receive documents securely. I will send your organizer via this portal, along with a list of tax documents I will expect from you. You can upload digital documents, like W-2s, 1099 Forms from banks, or donation confirmations, directly through this portal.

For any of Joan's clients who would like to set up a secure portal in addition to, or instead of, receiving a paper organizer package, please contact the office and we will be happy to send you the set-up email.
Thank you for your confidence.
I enjoy working with you to prepare accurate returns, plan for the coming year and maximize tax savings; I look forward to meeting with you or having a phone conversation this tax season, particularly those of you I have not yet met.

Please browse my website and Facebook page, linked below, for more resources and information about my practice. As your tax documents start arriving in mid-January, I'll be posting a video on the website demonstrating how to complete the organizer.

Give me a call anytime if you have questions or to set up a meeting.
Ted Phillips
(571) 312-1169 | FAX (571) 227-7907
website: TheDelRayCPA.com