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Narrator Euan Morton
Euan Morton
We asked actor and narrator Euan Morton — currently playing King George in Hamilton on Broadway — about what it was like to narrate Rainbow Rowell’s highly anticipated WAYWARD SON , the sequel to CARRY ON . “Obviously it's thrilling to be asked to return to a project, but it's especially exciting to return to Rainbow's characters. I felt a little more nervous this time because the first book was well received and I didn't want to let any of those listeners down. But it was surprisingly easy to bring Simon, Penny, Baz, and Agatha back to audio. They are wonderful people that I enjoy spending time with as much as the audience does. Rainbow's writing takes us on a wonderful, emotional journey and I'm very happy to have gone along for the ride, again.”
Narrators January LaVoy and Sullivan Jones smoothly trade chapters of a collection exploring the influence of pop star Beyoncé. Jones voices the peppy, more lighthearted contributions, while LaVoy is the steady-paced voice narrating more academic pieces. Together they explore a wide range of topics from the artist's rise as a household name to the marital conflict that became front-page news.
Be prepared to be lured into an audio mystery that kicks off a trilogy. Narrator Kate Rudd breathes life into protagonist Stevie Bell, a quirky student at elite Ellington Academy. Stevie is an inquisitive and articulate true- crime lover who is determined to solve a murder and kidnapping that occurred on campus in the 1930s. The story alternates between past and present and pulls listeners into the mysterious world of the school.
Gorgeous writing meets expert narration in this one-of-a-kind refugee story. Narrator LuLu Lam gracefully maneuvers listeners through Hang's efforts to reconnect her with her brother Lihn in Texas after the Vietnam War. Lam fully captures Hang's struggles and joys with learning English as well the text's Vietnamese dialogue, making this an especially appropriate novel for audio. 
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Though Kimi Nakamura has been anticipating art school as long as she can remember, she hasn’t painted in months. She accepts her estranged grandparents’ unexpected invitation to Kyoto for spring break and begins a quest for self-discovery. Narrator Natalie Naudus elegantly captures Kimi’s range of moods — from her enthusiasm at being in Japan and joy at the thrill of meeting a cute boy in a mochi costume to her distress and confusion while confronting her own lack of direction.
Who is an incisive cartoonist, a prankster, and a righter of wrongs? That’s the question everyone’s asking at prestigious Rosemead School, and the answer is Amelia Westlake. But Amelia is a hoax — two students have made her up. Harriet is a people-pleasing model student. They had nothing in common until they invented Amelia, and now they can’t concentrate on anything else. Candice Moll and Jaye Rosenberg nimbly alternate chapters as they narrate this audiobook. 
Narrator Chloe Dolandis gracefully meets the challenge of delivering a story that unfolds in oral English, American Sign Language, and finger spelling. At 17, Maya has been profoundly deaf for only four years, so her observations and thoughts as this gentle teen romance develops from her viewpoint are in standard English. Mainstreamed for her last year of high school, Maya's new acquaintances include a few who try to learn ASL and others whom she recognizes as futilely shouting.
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