Winter 2018 NEWSLETTER
Second Chances Sponsorships!

Teen Court is currently getting ready for our sole fundraising event of the year, the Second Chances Art Show & Raffle .  
This is a wonderful sponsorship opportunity where you can lend your support and together help celebrate our program!
The Second Chances art show will feature local youth speaking about important issues in their lives, and opening reception takes place  during May Arts Alive at The Ink People in Eureka.
This year, Teen Court's target amount for sponsorships is $15,000 for 17 years of outstanding work in the community . Contact us at (707) 444-0153 or .  

To ensure inclusion in promotional ads, return attached form and payment no later than  April 1st, 2018
Donations are tax-deductible- Tax ID # 94-2184464
Click here for the Sponsorship Form and Sample Flyer

In addition to visual artists, Teen Court is looking for youth musicians to play at the Second Chances event.We already have one youth musician confirmed, but have ability to book others. Please be in touch if you or someone you know is interested. 
Upcoming Jury Training for New Volunteers

Training for new students in 8th-12th grade. Thursday, March 29, 4:15-6:15 pm at the Teen Center in Eureka.

Please help spread the word.

This 2 hour training is peer-to-peer run by our youth Leaders! Learn everything you need to know to get started with us.

RSVP to Teen Court by phone or email if you are a youth in grade 8th-12th and want to attend.

Recent Events

Let's Get Real Eureka
On January 18, 14 of our youth sat as a focus group for the Get Real Eureka drug PSA development. The youth were engaged and interested in the topic and offering advice in how to craft a message that youth would be open to learning from. On Feb. 3, a smaller group of youth volunteered to be in the video! Here is the link:  Video Link

New Attorneys & Leaders
In January, we trained 4 new student attorneys and gained 2 new Teen Court Leaders. Please let us know if you would like to get trained as an attorney or become a leader, as we need more students to step up. Yay!!

Speaker Series: Victim Witness Assistance and Criminal Forensics
In February we had two speakers from the community speak to our youth about jobs related to the justice field. We greatly appreciate community members connecting with our youth, and look forward to more opportunities to bring in other specialists. Please be in touch if you would like to make a presentation to teens.
Volunteers of the Month

December: Skyler 
Skyler was trained as a new volunteer and after 2 times as a juror, she quickly volunteered to be student attorney in a highly consistent fashion. She brings dedication, care and attention to detail to her work at Teen Court. Thank you!

January: Hannah
Hannah has joined us recently, but has been steadfast in her participation as well as been trained recently as a student attorney. She brings grace and composure to our Teen Court process. Thank you!

February: Urja
Urja was recently trained as a student attorney, has taken on her first case as an attorney, and has also joined our Leaders program! She is really stepping up!! 
Restorative Assignment

Casual Hang Out with a Teen Court Leader
This is an assignment that both the leaders and participants seem to be excited about.
This opportunity allows the leaders to highlight their ability to be a positive peer mentor and helps the participant to foster a deeper connection with a community that cares. 
Upcoming Schedule

Eureka Courthouse 4:15-6:15 pm  
March 1 & 15
April 5 & 19
May 3 & 17
June 7 & 21

Leaders Meetings  
Teen Center 4:15-6:15 pm 
Every 2nd, 4th, & 5th Thursday during the school year 

Upcoming Events 
Saturday, March 17 1-2:30 pm- Northcoast Youth Summit presentation at CR
Thursday, March 29 at 4:15-6:15 pm-   Jury Training for new volunteers at Eureka Teen Center
Saturday, May 5, 6-9 pm- Second Chances Art Show & Raffle fundraiser at the Ink People
June 21-23- Annual CA Youth Court Summit at Sonoma State University
Nate on the left and Heidi on the right
Current Mentors
Mentor Judge 
Judge Christopher Wilson
Mentor Attorneys 
Shelley Addison    Christina Allbright    Luke Brownfield    Bryan Daley    Randall Davis    Natalie Duke   Neal Latt    Anne Nguyen    David Nims    Greg Rael    Erin Rowe    Casey Russo      Jeff Slack    Jessica Watson    Megan Yarnall  Trent Timm   Brent Kling   Damara Moore  Nate Zwerdling  Heidi Holmquist Wells  

We would like to welcome our newest mentor attorneys,  Heidi Holmquist Wells and Nate Zwerdling, who just joined Teen Court in February. They both practice at The Zwerdling Law Firm. 

Nate actually used to be a youth volunteer with Teen Court back in 2005-2006! Please read below.
A Letter to Teen Court from Nate Zwerdling:

I will soon be walking back into Humboldt County's Teen Court chambers for the first time in twelve years -- this time as a mentor attorney.  While an Arcata High sophomore and junior in 2005-06, I volunteered in Teen Court as a teen attorney and juror.  Having the opportunity to participate in a real court of law as a teen was immensely rewarding and educational.  For the first time, I experienced basic trial protocol such as the varying duties of the prosecution (or the 
community) and defense, the examination of witnesses, forming strong closing arguments, and the nuances of jury deliberation  I still remember the facts of some of the cases and the creative restorative justice sentences I helped render as a juror. 
One guiding aspect of Teen Court still resonates with me to this day -- the people who find themselves in the hands of a teen court jury are just that, real people, and deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and encouragement.  They are entitled to receive restorative justice sentences rather than punitive punishments .  As a practicing lawyer, I holds this lesson to heart every day and always value the underlying humanity in every case, whether civil or criminal.  I am excited to volunteer as an attorney mentor and perhaps inspire local high schoolers to explore careers in law. 

After my formative years as teen court volunteer, I proceeded on to college and law school in the Bay Area and recently moved back to practice law in Humboldt County with both my dad, Zach Zwerdling, and Heidi Holmquist Wells.  You can read my biography and learn more about the firm at
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