Spring 2018 NEWSLETTER

Second Chances Art Show & Raflle
Teen Court's sole fundraising event of the year, the Second Chances Art Show & Raffle, was a lively event. This year's theme was personal growth, transformation, and second chances. Our own Teen Court youth volunteer, Ruby L, played music and we received over 25 art submissions from 15 different artists. We raised $8,991! And we hope to continue to raise more!!

Volunteers are presented a check from Jonathon Flyer
Second Chances Underwriters- Jonathan & Erin Flyer

Underwriters for the Second Chances Art Show, Jonathan and Erin Flyer, provided $5,000 to the Teen Court Program.   Staff and the Board of Directors are continuing to raise funding to match this generous donation.  If you would like to contribute, please contact Sacha Marini at (707)444-0153.  Remember every dollar helps change a life. 

Humboldt County Bar Association 

The Humboldt County Bar Association provided $3,000 as underwriters to our Second Chances Art Show! 
Leader's Program Recruitment

We are currently seeking students in 9th-12th grade who are interested in joining our Teen Court Leaders program for the Fall of 2018.

Please help spread the word.

Our leaders meet the 2nd, 4th, and sometimes 5th Thursday of the month from 4:15-6:15 p.m.

Email us today to get more information about what our leader's do each week! Or sign up! 
North Coast Youth Summit at CR
Recent News

North Coast Youth Summit 
On Saturday, March 17th, 4 Teen Court Leaders led a workshop at the North Coast Youth Summit at the CR campus. Their presentation was on the socio-economic disparities that exist in the juvenile justice system, and how to work towards ensuring equity and justice. Our youth did a fantastic job representing how Boys & Girls Club teens are leaders in their community.

Jury + Attorney Trainings
On March 29, our Teen Court Leaders facilitated a jury training at the Teen Center and we trained 6 new teens! And on May 1, we trained 2 new student attorneys!

Directing Change Red Carpet Event
On May 3, the Second Chances Art Show was on display as part of DHHS's Red Carpet Event at the Eagle House Inn. 

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Volunteers of the Month

March: Imagine
Imagine is a very dedicated volunteer. He is always flexible with his court position. He will always volunteer to be the Clerk if nobody else fills the spot. We are hopeful he will soon be joining our leader's program when his schedule opens up. 

April: Loganberry
Loganberry is a dedicated volunteer as well as a performer for  Planned Parenthood's Spare Change. He also submitted some amazing artwork to our Second Chance's Art Show.

May: Marcela
Marcela recently joined our leader's program. She recently started volunteering as a student attorney and has really done a great job. We look forward to another year of her volunteering with us.
Restorative Assignment

Conflict Resolution Workshop
This is an assignment that we have access to through a new website, which was created by a Los Angeles Youth Court teen volunteer, titled Teen Court Talks. The site features three different informational videos focused on Vandalism, Battery, and  Petty Theft. The interactive videos are paired with reflective questions in hopes that the teens can compare their incident to that of teens from other youth courts, as well as reflect upon their actions and how to do better.
Second Chances Art at Directing Change Event
Upcoming Schedule

Teen Court Sessions 
June 7- Courthouse hearing 
June 27- Jury Council
July 18- Jury Council
July 19- Courthouse hearing 
August 16- Courthouse hearing
September 6 & 20- Courthouse hearing 

  • Courthouse hearings: Eureka courthouse 4:15-6:15 pm  
  • Jury Councils: Teen Court Office 4:15-5:45 pm
Upcoming Events 
TH, June 7- Year End Volunteer Appreciation Party- Pizza!
Paul's Live from NY Pizza, 604 F Street
After court or around 6 pm

June 21-23- Annual CA Youth Court Summit at Sonoma State University

TH, July 26- Leaders Annual Strategy Planning Meeting
Leaders meet to determine new innovations for our Teen Court program and how to structure our upcoming Leaders syllabus
3:15-6:16 pm
Teen Court Office

Peer Panels
Leaders meet with participants half-way through their sentence to see how things are coming along
2nd & 4th Thursdays throughout the summer

Regular Leaders Meetings  
Teen Court Office
Starts again in the fall 2018 

Current Mentors
Mentor Judge 
Judge Christopher Wilson
Mentor Attorneys 
Shelley Addison    Christina Allbright    Luke Brownfield    Bryan Daley    Randall Davis    Natalie Duke   Neal Latt    Anne Nguyen    David Nims    Greg Rael    Erin Rowe    Casey Russo      Jeff Slack    Jessica Watson    Megan Yarnall  Trent Timm   Brent Kling   Damara Moore  Nate Zwerdling  Heidi Holmquist-Wells  
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