Fall 2018 News & Updates
We've been having an energizing start to the school year
with our new crew of Teen Court Leaders!
Teen Court Leaders Group for 2018-19
Help us welcome Sophia, Alex, Jacqueline, Ashley, Gwen, Marcela, Cody, Alex and Sky (not pictured Ray, Hannah, and Kai)! They have already tabled at Redwood Pride where they recruited interested youth to our program, held a bake sale which raised $135, trained 25 new student volunteers, hosted a panel discussion on Know Your Rights, have crafted new protocols to improve our courthouse hearings, and served endless hours as judge, clerk, attorneys and jurors in the courtroom and so much more. Thank you!
In the Words of the Teen Court Teens...

Volunteering by Alex R

Most teens that have experienced the juvenile justice system have felt it from the very inside. Most teens have not already served in a court to other teens. Most teens don’t have the slightest idea what teen court is. Most teens aren’t familiar with the concept of restorative justice. But I am not most teens. Click Here to Read More
Make a Donation Today & Change Lives...
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Teen Court relies on donations from caring community members who see the positive impact Teen Court has on local youth. These teens are at a pivotal point in their lives, where teen court can make the difference between uncertainty, and positive change. Last year, they helped 85 youths redirect away from the adult court system and into a restorative justice program, which is paramount to their future. We empower youth ages 13-18 with skills, resources, and opportunities to be accountable for their harms and to positively contribute to their communities, schools, and peer groups. Teen Court accomplishes these goals through peer accountability, educational opportunities, youth leadership trainings, Brief Interventions for Substance Using Adolescents program, and a youth court where teen volunteers hear real juvenile criminal cases and determine a restorative sentence that Teen Court monitors.

"Teen Court provided me with a second chance at my youth as well as gave me an opportunity for a better future. Through my experiences with the program I have developed a set of moral standards beyond anything I've ever been taught before. Teen Court to me, ultimately, is a positive turn around for kids facing a downward spiraling future."
-Teen Court Member, Michael 
Thank you for helping us enrich the lives of the youth in our community.

With gratitude,
Monica Rose
Executive Director
Recent News
New Volunteer Jury Trainings
On October 25th, we trained 15 new teen volunteers. And on November 29th, 10 new volunteers were trained.

Student Attorney Training
On October 2 & 9, we trained 4 new student attorneys.

CA Association of Youth Courts Strategy Planning Meeting
On Nov 1-2, Sacha Marini, Director of Humboldt County Teen Court, participated in the annual CAYC Board meeting in Sacramento. She serves as the chairperson of the CAYC Programs Subcommittee and plans are in the works for how to better support and connect with each of the over 80 youth courts in California.

Know Your Rights Panel Discussion
On Nov 8, our Leaders hosted a Know Your Rights Panel discussion. We had 3 professionals speak: an attorney- Christina Allbright; a police officer- Justin Braud from the Sheriff’s Department; and a professor- Joice Chang for HSU. Many Teen Center youth joined in the discussion and over 20 youth attended. It was very engaging and informative.

Attendance Council Pilot Project
On Nov 13 & 29, Sacha and Jenny met with Associate Principal Rob Standish and Counselor Delores Haskamp at EHS and determined that Teen Court will initiate a peer support driven pilot project to handle early stage truancy cases. We will handle about 10-15 cases initially and then reflect on our effectiveness. We are excited to see what sort of positive impact we can make in this regard.
Volunteers of the Month
September: Ismael
Ismael is an great young person who we recruited from the Teen Center in April of this year. He has become steadily more involved in TC, recently stepping up to serve as clerk several times.  After that service, Ismael stepped up to attend our Attorney training. We are really happy to have Ismael joining us!  

October: Jacqueline
Jacqueline joined Teen Court this past Spring and has joined our Leaders program, helped out at our Second Chances Art Show fundraiser, tabled at Redwood Pride and organized a successful bake sale there, which brought in $135 for the Leaders program. Awesome!

November: Alex
Alex  has been a Teen Court Leader for 3 years now. She is a senior and a great role model to our younger participants. In addition, this year she is serving on the statewide CA Association of Youth Courts Youth Advisory Board. Congratulations!
Highlight on a Restorative Assignment
MAKING A CHANGE Goal Setting Activity is a new sentence assignment that can be completed at the Teen Court office. This is an interactive website program from the national Boys & Girls Club Association that helps a youth make SMART goals. This can be helpful to teens who aren't sure how to make the next move towards healthy decisions. The program talks them through potential barriers to accomplishing their goal and helps problem solve solutions. In the end they have a decorative summary of their goal that they can photograph and keep on their smart phone or can be printed out to help keep them on track!
Upcoming Schdule
Teen Court Sessions 
1st & 3rd Thursdays of the Month
4:15-6:15 pm
Eureka Courthouse, 825 5th St, 2nd floor
December 6 & 20
January 17
February 7 & 21
March 7 & 21
*Cancellations may occur, so please stay in contact to make sure court will indeed be held

Jury Councils
Are scheduled as needed on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

Peer Panels
2nd & 4th Thursdays
Teen Court Office
Leaders meet with participants half-way through their sentence to see how things are coming along.

Leaders Meetings   
2nd, 4th & 5th TH of the month throughout the school year
4:15-6:15 pm
Teen Court Office
Youth Leaders engage in a wide range of advance trainings and innovative programming for Teen Court.
Current Mentors
Mentor Judge  
Judge Christopher Wilson  
Mentor Attorneys  
Shelley Addison   Christina Allbright   
Luke Brownfield   Bryan Daley   Randall Davis   
Natalie Duke  Neal Latt   Anne Nguyen   
David Nims   Greg Rael   Erin Rowe   Casey Russo   
Jeff Slack   Jessica Watson   Megan Yarnall 
Trent Timm  Brent Kling  Damara Moore 
Nate Zwerdling Heidi Holmquist-Wells
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