Volume 21 | Issue 2 | February 2019
February is...
Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Now in its ninth year, Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) provides us with an important opportunity to raise public awareness and education about an issue that affects teenagers in New York State and across the nation. It's a time where we can come together to talk about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, warning signs and how to recognize them, supports and resources available, and identify innovative strategies to stop dating abuse from happening in the first place.

With 1 in 3 adolescents experiencing abuse in a relationship, we are confronted with a national epidemic.

It is our responsibility, as adults, to provide leadership and guidance for adolescents in our communities and our spheres of influence. More importantly, we allow for guidance leadership from adolescents themselves as experts in their own lives and the challenges they face. As a community, we must provide safe, open and nurturing environments for teens that may need help but also for teens who are interested in taking leadership roles in addressing this issue. Educating our youth in the early stages of their development about healthy and respectful relationships behaviors can have a positive influence in their relationships, safety and their overall wellness across their lifespan.

We are pleased to announce that several NYSCADV member programs will hold community events, workshops and campaigns for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month:

Wear Orange Day: February 12, 2019
Some ideas for activities this month:

  • Post Teen Dating Violence statistics: Use your website and other social media to post about TDV and promote healthy relationships behaviors throughout the Month

  • Encourage youth activism! Support students and young people to create a school-wide or community campaign on their own. Many resources are available that provide guidance on how to do this. If you are interested, get in touch and ask us how!

  • Have a poster or slogan contest! Invite teens to create a healthy relationships app. Recruit students to submit poetry, plays, songs, videos or artwork. Give the winner a prize that benefits their school, like software, an iPad or other equipment. Honor winners at an event.

  • Engage school personnel: coaches, counselors, teachers, school nurses and administrators need to have their awareness raised, too. Share policies and promising practices with an informational letter. Ask for a meeting.

  • Engage parents, caregivers and other adult influencers: Work with schools to send home brochures and flyers. Post information on the school district website with links to helpful resources. Show a film. Invite parents to a "How to Talk to your Teen about Dating" workshop. Hold it at various dates and times throughout the month to ensure that parents can attend. Provide Conversation Starters. Consider inviting parents and their teens to attend together. Give teens talking points to talk to their parents, as well. 

  • Give a voice to survivors by hosting events, panels, lectures, movie screenings or group discussion gatherings for young people.

  • #1Thing Social Media Campaign. This February, NRCDV builds on the #1thing campaign for Domestic Violence Awareness Month to call on the collective action of young people. The #1Thing message helps individuals and communities to articulate and understand how our collective “one things” can lead to the social transformation we all desire to see. Through the month, NRCDV will bring visibility to youth engagement efforts centered on #1Thing, and promote the #1Thing Action Guide and related awareness materials.

2019 Budget Advocacy Day Virtual Toolbox
During the 2019 Legislative Session, we have an opportunity that comes around once in a generation — to re-envision the delivery of DV services across the state. On Tuesday, February 5, 2019, domestic violence victim advocates, survivors and allies will call on New York State lawmakers to implement a new funding and regulatory structure for local DV programs, enabling us to create the strongest statewide network of DV services in the country.

The Governor’s Executive Budget highlights the need to create a new model for DV services, which will eliminate outdated barriers for survivors of DV and DV advocacy programs across the state. This proposal recognizes the state’s system of funding and oversight of DV programs hasn’t been updated since it was first established more than 30 years ago. But little specifics or funding details were provided. It’s now up to the Assembly and Senate to collect feedback, modify the Governor’s proposal and approve the state budget by March 31, 2019.

It’s critical for us to convey a resounding message to the NYS Legislature. They must fix the long-standing gaps in funding for local DV programs across the state as a result of years of flat or reduced investments. And the demand for DV services in New York is great — as we know from last year’s annual NNEDV census, New York has the highest demand for DV services in the country, for three years in a row.
P lease join us in spreading these critical messages via social media. In the midst of the challenges and barriers we face, together we can do the right thing for survivors and advocates in New York!

  • Using the hashtag #NYSDVFunding in your posts to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
  • Tagging Governor Cuomo, your Senate and Assembly representatives and chamber leadership in your posts
  • Calling and emailing your legislators to urge their support of a re-envisioned funding model for DV programs (Click here to view 2019 Budget Priorities)
NYSCADV Annual Membership Meeting 2019: March 25, 2019

NYSCADV Legislative Day of Action 2019: May 14, 2019
Registration and additional information to follow.
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