Teen Israel Education and Advocacy
The Boston Media Room, a partnership between CJP and the IAC, presents a unique opportunity for your teens to engage with the Land and State of Israel and to acquire vital social media and writing skills. In addition, your congregation can support a crucial community endeavor in Israel education and advocacy.

The Boston Media Room is recruiting a new cohort of teens for this fall, 2018. Please help promote the program within your congregation.  For details and application, click these links:


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The Boston Media Room

Combined Jewish Philanthropies has teamed up with the Israeli American Council to create the Boston Media Room, a real-time online advocacy center. Our Media Room is empowering community members to  create engaging pro-Israel content that reaches thousands of people on social media and through our mobile app,  Act.il . The student ambassadors and adult mentors who staff the Boston Media Room have created a powerful new pro-Israel voice in our community. 

Click   HERE  for more information about Boston Media Room.

Come to Israel with Us!
The Synagogue Then and Now:
Israel Experience and Unity Mission
February 26 - March 10, 2019

Led by David Bernat PhD 
SCM Executive Director & 
Meah Instructor

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A partnership with Hebrew College Adult Learning and

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