TBG Members Kristy Allan (Left), Linda Patton (Middle), and Leslie Calhoun (Right)
Attending a TLF Event
God at Work

Teen Leadership Foundation's ("TLF") mission is to eternally improve the lives of emancipating foster teens through leadership equipping programs. Starting with summer camps, Teen Leadership Foundation has since expanded to include life skills workshops, mentoring, monthly youth groups, and transitional housing to help prepare teens for meaningful, successful lives beyond foster care.

The Barnabas Group ("TBG") supports TLF, and was honored to have its Founder, Lisa Castetter, present at our November TBG meeting.  Lisa recently sent TBG the following update detailing how TBG members have come alongside TLF's ministry:

"It was a privilege to speak at the November TBG meeting.  However, I actually saw God at work one month prior to my presentation, in preparation for our partnership with TBG.  In October, TLF partnered with Grace Fellowship Church to host a bus tour that took participants to The Launch Pad, our emancipated foster youth transitional housing complex.  TBG kindly promoted the tour to its members, and some of them took part in the event.  A few of the members who had attended the event subsequently signing-up to volunteer at a few of our teen and emancipated youth programs, and have become active with The Launch Pad complex.
Following our TBG presentation in November, we received 32 follow-up forms.  This was very encouraging!  Many TBG members were interested in additional information, and wanted to attend a TLF program.  In December, six TBG members came to our serve event at The Launch Pad.  They helped decorate the grounds and apartments for Christmas.  Later that month, five TBG members and their guests attended our annual TLF Christmas fundraising event.  Each TBG member blessed our ministry with gifts, and most are considering deeper involvement with TLF. 
In January, I connected with two pastors, Skip Lanfried (Friends Church) and Curtis Drever (Irvine Presbyterian), who had heard my presentation at the November TBG event.  They are both interested in holding serve events, and launching TLF programs at their respective churches.

I'm so grateful for TBG's support, and your mission to engage your members in ministry.  Thank you for all you continue to do to help get the word out about the needs of foster youth, and TLF's programs.  Continue to be the Church in action!"

If you would like to learn more about TLF, please visit their website at www.teenleadershipfoundation.com

   Bus Tour to TLF's
Emancipated Foster Youth Transitional Housing Complex, 
The Launch Pad

 TBG Members, The Drevers, with TLF Founder, Lisa Castetter
at a TLF Event