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If you are a person with a disability or know someone with a disability who believes their rights have been violated, call our Statewide Intake Line: 1.800.252.9108 or our Sign Language Video Line: 1.866.362.2851

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The Rights Times
Fall 2014 Edition
Celebrating Our Clients
People with disabilities face obstacles every day. And every day, they overcome obstacles. 
Disability Rights Texas has the privilege of helping individuals with disabilities break through these barriers in society so that they can make their own choices, live independently, and have equal opportunities and access to life.
As DRTx enters its 37th year of serving clients, we thought we would share a few of the most recent stories about their victories so you can celebrate with us.

Andrew in standing wheelchair Andrew is 16 years old and has cerebral palsy. His physical therapists recommended that he obtain a standing wheelchair because they believed it would eventually help him to walk on his own.


Unfortunately Medicaid denied his request, so he contacted DRTx to appeal. Upon our review of the denial notice, we discovered...READ MORE

A New Holiday Tradition

Already thinking about that long holiday gift list? This year when you buy online at SMILE.AMAZON.COM you can designate Disability Rights Texas to receive a portion of the proceeds of the sale.


Start a new holiday tradition by shopping and giving to help protect the rights of thousands of Texans with disabilities each year. Click here to start shopping now!


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Leasing Co. Turns Away Vet

Sgt. Derek Kolb has seen some dark days. After returning from serving in Iraq, he struggled to cope with life and was even homeless for a time. He eventually received treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and his professionally-trained service dog, Hank, has played a critical role in his recovery.


But when the Sgt. wanted to rent an apartment, a leasing agency refused him, claiming his service animal "looked aggressive." The rejection hit him hard, causing his condition to worsen. He even considered suicide... 


seargent kolb and his service dog Hank
The Gift of Dignity and Worth
How would you like to help improve the lives of thousands of Texans with disabilities each year? When you give your time or money to DRTx, you help us to create a society where all people have dignity and worth.


People with disabilities have basic human needs that are no different from those of all people. They have a right to freedom from neglect, exploitation, discrimination and isolation, and a right to be included in all aspects of their communities.

For those of you who already support us through volunteering your time as a pro-bono attorney, law clerk, or office volunteer, or who give to DRTx financially, thank you for your generosity.

Click here now to make your tax-deductible year-end gift online or by mail. Thank you.

After 25 Years, a Voice
K.K. is a 25-year-old woman who is deaf. Her parents had full guardianship over her and prevented her from going to college or seeking employment. They insisted that she live at home despite her desire and ability to be independent. They also prevented her from...READ MORE


Disability Rights Texas (formerly named Advocacy, Inc.) is a nonprofit organization that protects and advances the legal, human and service rights of Texans with a broad range of disabilities. We are designated as the protection and advocacy agency (P&A) for the state of Texas and rely in part on your generous donations to continue our work.